13 Reasons Why Tottenham's Europa Conference League match Is Off...

There are 13 Reasons Why Tottenham’s Europa Conference League match

is off, with a whopping 8 players and 5 members of staff testing positive to Covid-19.

According to the official Spurs website:

We can confirm that our UEFA Europa Conference League Group G home fixture against Stade Rennais will not take place tomorrow (Thursday 9 December at 8pm UK) after a number of positive COVID-19 cases at the Club. Discussions are ongoing with UEFA and we shall provide a further update on this fixture in due course.Additionally, following discussions with the Health Security Agency (formerly Public Health England) and DCMS advisers, the Club has been advised to close the First Team area of its Training Centre at this time, in the interests of the health and safety of players and staff.All other areas of the Training Centre remain operational.


How Have Their Opponents Responded?

This announcement has not necessarily gone down well with their opponents, who countered with their own announcement, saying:

Following a statement released by Tottenham at 9pm this Wednesday, the Rennais F.C. wants to specify the following facts. During a video conference held at 7:45 pm between representatives of EFA, Tottenham and the SRFC, the Spurs director of football made his intention not to play the EFA Europa Conference League match. on Thursday evening. Unilateral decision which has not been confirmed by UEFA…The Tottenham representative did not want to announce the number of his players touched by Covid as the standard rule that a match must be played as long as the team has 13 field players and a goalkeeper…She argued for a decision by English authorities without going so far as to advance the least official document. The match was not officially canceled by UEFA, the Stade Rennais F.C. has maintained it’s decision to play…Faced with this “London fog,” the SRFC reserves the right to grab UEFA. This lack of fair play is even more flagrant as Tottenham had confirmed by mail the holding of the match early in the afternoon before preventing the Rennais from their intention of not playing just after their landing in London City.


And so, it seems that this decision has not gone down well. Using terms such as ‘unilateral decision’, and ‘London fog’, together with ‘lack of fair play’, it does seem that if and when the tie is actually played, that it may not be in the best spirit.

Whilst a definitive list of infected players is not available at this time, some outlets have reported that Son Heung-Min may be among them.

What Antonio Conte Said..

Understandably, Tottenham Maestro Antonio Conte was alarmed at the severity of the outbreak, saying:

Eight players and five members of staff (have tested positive), but the problem is that every day we’re having people with COVID-19…People that yesterday weren’t positive and today are, and we’re continuing to have contact with (them). It’s a serious problem…We had 11 players available for the match and by the end of the training session today one of the players who would start tomorrow is now positive. It’s scary. We’re all having contact…Every day we are having contact with the people that are false negative and become positive and then everyone is a bit scared…I think because we all have family, why (do) I have to take this risk?

Antonio Conte

Premier League Implications

Tottenham were set to play away at Brighton & Hove Albion in the Premier League on Sunday after this tie, however with isolation and other factors, that match must also be in doubt.

In addition, whilst matches are considered able to continue when 13 players can be fielded, the fact that the press are reporting only a total of 10 from whom to select, it is likely that this Premier League match must also be in doubt.

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