2 Ranieri Statistics That Cost His Job

When it comes to Claudio Ranieri, there can hardly ever be a bad word said.

Ranieri is a gentleman, in the old fashioned meaning of the word…and an avid Football enthusiast. Despite this, after only a few short weeks in the job, Ranieri finds himself out of work after failing to lift Watford’s fortunes, becoming the latest in a long line of Watford managerial casualties. However, did Ranieri deserve to be treated this way? Here are 2 Claudio Ranieri Statistics that cost his job.


Would Ranieri Have Been Surprised By The Decision?


Ranieri can hardly have been surprised by the decision. In a recent interview, he said:


“Maybe you are not used to it in England, but in Italy they change managers like they buy an ice cream. That is it.”


So, when Ranieri was contacted by, or on behalf of the Pozzo family, he would have known what to expect. However, despite this being only one of multiple sackings by the family in only a short period of time, the Pozzo family would have had some reservations about this one. Ranieri and the Pozzo Family have a long term friendship, apparently going back around 20 years. In an interview with the BBC, Chris Sutton said:


“They have been ruthless in the past. Their gut instinct has been right to sack managers, but for some reason they aren’t pulling the trigger this time even though performances have not been good enough.”


So, it would appear that the family hesitated..albeit briefly….before pulling the trigger on the sacking of their friend. Despite this, the leopard doesn’t change it’s spots, and the Watford managerial saga continues with a new managerial hunt underway. But, realistically, who would want a job that seemingly has little in the way of benefits…or longevity?



2 Claudio Ranieri Statistics That Cost His Job



Emotion aside, Ranieri has struggled at Watford. The statistics don’t lie.


Win Ratio


Since taking over the reigns, have Watford’s fortunes improved under Ranieri?

If we look at his career managerial statistics over many, many years, we find telling information. Aside from two managerial spells where he had a win ratio of 0%(only 4 games), which really don’t count due to the short tenure he had, Ranieri has set a new record at Watford.

His previous lowest winning percentage was at Fulham, where he had had a figure of only 17.65%(source Wikipedia). Has he fared better at Watford? No.

Over his lengthy career, Ranieri has set a new low for win ratio, with a ratio at Watford of a dismal 14.29%. Compare that with his long term ratio of 46.38%, and you can see the problem.


With a record low win ratio of only 14.29%, sacking was more when than if…..





Sometimes, well often, a new manager can take some time to implement their style of play on a team.

With Ranieri, Watford would have been looking for something to change…whether that be more attacking thrust, or tightening of the goals leaked. What do figures tell us about his influence in changing Watford?

On goals conceded, Watford conceded -17 during his tenure. To put that into perspective, it is the 3rd worst return of his career, after -20 at Puteolana, and -18 at Fulham. How has he fared with goals scored?

Watford have scored 17 goals in 14 games..not the worst of his career. But, when you offset that figure with 34 goals conceded, you can see where the problem lay…Ranieri had no positive impact on the defence.

To concede 34 goals in only 14 games, you need to score a lot of goals to keep your job. Ranieri couldn’t do this, and paid the price.


Conceding 34 goals in only 14 games is unsustainable….





Claudio Ranieri should be remembered for his achievements, not his failures. Leicester fans know this all too well, and his 4 years in charge of Chelsea were also something to be proud of.

However, whilst Ranieri is an astute and experienced manager, at age 70 maybe it is time to look back on a long and fruitful career, instead of trying to set new challenges that simply may no longer be achievable. Watford speak warmly about their departing manager, and all Football fans will likely echo the same sentiments:



The Hornets’ Board recognises Claudio as a man of great integrity and honour, who will always be respected here at Vicarage Road for his efforts in leading the team with dignity.

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