It can get very annoying whichever way you look at it. Whether you line up for hours, or you just can’t get any petrol at all…things, including tempers can get very stretched! So, why though, are you in this position? Let’s have a look at the two reasons why you can’t get petrol.

2 Reasons Why You Can’t Get Petrol – Lorry Drivers

It might seem obvious…and it is. The origin of the problem is because of a shortage of lorry and truck drivers. According to an article in the BBC:

“There is now a shortage of more than 100,000 drivers in the UK, out of a pre-pandemic total of about 600,000, a Road Haulage Association survey of its members estimates.”

Whilst there is no reason to doubt those figures, a few lines on clarifies that a little more when it says:

“Even before Covid, the estimated shortage was about 60,000 drivers.”

So, in reality, the actual shortage of drivers in the current crisis is much less than 100, is actually only 40,000. The country was actually able to cope with the deficit of 60,000 drivers. However, an additional 40,000 drivers have created the panic that we now see.

So, if you read an article that says that the shortage is 100,000, then maybe it is not showing the whole story. The current crisis..and that is what concerns us, is because 40,000 drivers have been added to the shortage. Why does that matter?

Well, in dealing with the crisis, it is much easier to fill the deficit of 40.000 than it would be to find an additional 100,000. This then means that the crisis should end much sooner than it would if the larger number reflected the current state of play.

2 Reasons Why You Can’t Get Petrol – Human Nature

The second, and perhaps the bigger reason why you can’t get fuel is down to us, unfortunately.

When it comes to perceived shortages, what is the first thing you do? Stock up! And, that is exactly what has happened. In another article on the BBC, Environment Secretary George Eustice said:

“The only reason we don’t have petrol on forecourts is people are buying petrol when they don’t need it,”

So, in other words, we are getting so stressed about not being able to get fuel, that we feel the need to stock up now!

This is pretty true to form when it comes to human nature. When the Pandemic started, remember how hard it was to get toilet rolls? It was near impossible. In fact, and this is no joke…on one Gumtree ad that we saw, an air-conditioning installer was offering 2 rolls of toilet paper with each new install! Madness!!

So, it is no wonder that as soon as rumours of a petrol shortage started, people panic bought. It happened recently…and it will happen with the next ’emergency’ too…it is just human nature.

However, there is actually a valid reason as to why you would want to panic buy. The lines at the petrol stations. These have been so long that waiting in a line every couple of days is just not feasible. So, instead of losing an extra 5 hours a week waiting in line, it clearly makes more sense to get what you need in one trip. However, we are not…I repeat…we are not recommending hoarding of fuel. We are simply making the point that with life as busy as it is, that people would rightly feel that waiting in a queue repeatedly is not something that they can fit into their week.

Now For The Good News

Going on what the above information provides, and we have no way of knowing how accurate that is…the crisis should not go on too long. Again, that is only based on what we are told.

However, if there really is only a current shortage of 40,000 drivers, and, if the main reason for the shortages is our human nature and it’s response…then a fairly short lived crisis should be the outcome.

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