3 Facts That Make 'Kun' Agüero A Premier League Legend

There is no doubt that Sergio ‘Kun’ Agüero is a Manchester City legend, however what impact has Aguero had on the English Premier League? Here are 3 Facts That Make ‘Kun’ Agüero A Premier League Legend.

In Football News, the BBC mentioned that an impending announcement will be made that Sergio Agüero has called time on his Football career, a career that began at senior level back in 2003.

The former Manchester City forward has enjoyed many highlights during his long career, however, here are 3 facts that rank him up there with, and often, beyond the best that English Premier League fans have seen.

Agüero Has More Premier League Goals Than…

When it comes to strikers in the EPL, one name is often mooted more often that most…Thierry Henry. The former Arsenal striker is an absolute legend, and rightly so.

However, did you know that ‘Kun’ has scored more Premier League goals than Henry? In fact, Agüero’s 184 Premier League goals are a total that is 9 more than Henry registered, a fact that makes him a Premier League legend!

Has anyone beaten his record? Yes, in fact he is in good company with 3 names that will remain above him: Alan Shearer scored most with 260, next on the list is Wayne Rooney with 208, and then in third place we have Andrew Cole with 187.

Minutes Per Goal…

Not only does ‘Kun’ beat Henry in total number of goals, but he also beats Henry in the minutes per goal tally.

In fact, Agüero scored every 107.9 minutes. Taking into account a minimum number of goals set at 15, Henry is in second place with one goal every 121.8 minutes.

If you consider a World Class striker to be one who gets near the goal a game average, then he averages near one every 90 minutes…truly a legend!


Strikers are highly coveted because they can win you trophies.

Whilst keeping goals conceded down is vital for success, banging them in at the other end is equally or more important. So, did five Agüero help City enjoy success? You bet he did! In fact, during his stint in England, Agüero would have need to keep upsizing his trophy cabinet, regiestering 5 Premier League titles, an FA Cup title and a whopping 6 League Cups!

A Name That Will Always Be Remembered…

Given that ‘Kun’ has reportedly called time on his stellar Football career, he can rightly take his seat with the legends.

Names such as Messi, Ronaldo, and Shearer will not quickly be forgotten, and neither should that of a certain Sergio ‘Kun’ Agüero.

He may not grace the fields of battle anymore, but he will live on in our memories..have a happy retirement Agüero!

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