Manchester United…Global Brand…UK Team of Superstars! Whilst it is now old news that Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has been relieved of his duties as manager of Manchester United, his final interview showed some surprising facts regarding the man, and his view of the future for the club. So, here are 3 important take aways from the last interview of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer(at Manchester United).

Incredible Strength of Character

The fact that a recently departed manager would give an interview is, in itself, remarkable. However, it was the manner of the interview that distinguished the man.

Whilst it is true that Ole’s managerial record this season has not been the best, his first three finishes for United…6th, 3rd, and 2nd, speak volumes about the influence that Ole had at the club.

What was even more incredible is that Ole has only positive things to say about his time..even down to the ‘last second’. Ole, you are a real man…all Football fans admire your half full…and your willingness to take full responsibility for your record, with no excuses or caveats.

Next Season?

In the interview, Ole did claim credit for one thing.

Ole predicted that United would press on, and that his work would be a contributing factor to his forecast success for the club in the next year or so. Ole said, in the interview:

…the two times I’ve left Molde, they’ve won the league the year after…They’re(Manchester United) read to kick on, and I’m sure they will

So, according to Ole, the groundwork has been laid, and United are tipped for outstanding success next year. Of course, it will depend on who United bring in, with Zidane apparently uninterested in taking the position.

However, Ole believes that United will be able to build upon the foundation that he has left, and that United will replicate the success of Molde that was achieved after he left the club(twice).

Family Sacrifice

The surprising revelation from the interview relates to how his job as manager of Manchester United affected his family. Ole said that he was looking forward to spending more time with his family, stating that:

..with Norway being open and here being closed, my family moved back to Norway..we’ve lived apart.

Wow! So, in taking the job as Manchester United manager, Ole has been separated from his wife and children.

Ole said that his son preferred to live in Norway, and the Pandemic had forced the family to take the massive decision to temporarily separate in order for Ole to give everything to his job.

Now that OGS has been relieved of his duties, he is once again in a position to spend the privileged time required to be with his family. It also says how highly Ole felt about giving his all to United, that he would put his family in a close second place of priorities.

Glass Half Full…

So Ole, your time is over.

However, we thank your your maturity, conviction, and dedication. You are truly a person with whom the it is ‘glass half full’, and we admire that in you.

Hopefully, you will continue in your Football career, and will find contentment and success in your next appointment…

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