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Nottingham Forest 1 – Arsenal 0

(Grabban 83′)



3 Quotes For Nuno Tavares To Consider In Arsenal Defeat – Mikel Arteta



Arsenal suffered a humiliating FA Cup defeat away to Nottingham Forest that left Mikel Arteta apologising, and rightly so.

In his apology, Arteta said, via BBC:


“We were not good enough and we have to apologise for it…We needed more drive, more hunger to win at any cost in every single action, much more. We were not at our level…I’m really disappointed with the performance, first of all. Not with the attitude but how much purpose we have and what determination we showed to change the game when it’s difficult to play against the way they play…I have played in games like that for the past 18 years and I know how complicated it is to come here. It’s no surprise the difficulties you are going to face. But when we do that, we have to face it in a different way…It is really hurting. It is a competition that is very related to our history and to get out of it is a big bump.”

In truth, Arsenal were sloppy, none more so than the usually excellent Nuno Tavarres. Tavarres was hauled off in the mid stages of the first half and reacted angrily with glove throwing, and a slow departure. Whilst the whole blame cannot be placed on one young man’s shoulders, here are 3 quotes that Nuno would do well to consider when reflecting on his performance:

3 Quotes For Nuno Tavares To Consider In Arsenal Defeat – Roy Keane


“Why is he upset? He must know [he’s at risk of being taken off]. He’s right in front of the dugout and the manager, he’s been sloppy in everything he’s done…Ok, a player can make a mistake but that sloppiness is down to his attitude and the way he started the game and you can’t start a game like that. You’ll get dragged off.”


Roy says it like it is, and his summation, whilst harsh, is probably a kick in the rear, the kind that Tavares needs in order to improve his performance.


3 Quotes For Nuno Tavares To Consider In Arsenal Defeat – Ian Wright


“He has started [the game] poorly…He is coming off and he’s thrown his gloves down, I think this is the wrong manager to do that with. Showing that kind of attitude…I think the disrespect he is showing at the minute is something Mikel Arteta won’t like, especially given the performance he has put in.”


Ian Wright, an Arsenal legend, and fierce defender of the club is spot on. Tavares needs a better attitude to his performance today. It is right to be hurt, but channel that anger into improvement, not petulance.


What Nuno Tavares Needs To Do And Where Arsenal Were Wrong


It is a clear wake up call for Nuno Tavares, who will find that he has a manager that won’t put up with youthful petulance.

Nuno needs to get his attitude, his head right, in order to achieve the quality that his talent suggests that he has. However, Arsenal must take some of the blame. Why?

Arsenal were aware of the AFCON. They were also aware that the squad would be stretched at that time. They were equally aware that transfer business would need to be done…and done quickly. Hence, they should have already laid the groundwork that others, such as Newcastle, did in order to sign what they need quickly…they didn’t.

As such, to use the excuse that the squad is very stretched rests solely on the shoulders of those who run the club. As such, the blame for today’s fiasco must not just go on the shoulders of a young player like Tavares, it also needs to go on the shoulders of the club hierarchy, who failed to prepare for the disaster ahead of time.

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