3 Things Lukaku Said That Will Worry Tuchel...

It’s fair to say that Lukaku has caught many by surprise with his explosive interview with Sky Italy. It is easy to take the interview on emotion, but would that be fair? Is Lukaku the type of player to speak without thinking? Or, is this a calculated gamble to achieve something that ordinarily would not have been possible? Here are 3 Things Lukaku Said That Will Worry Tuchel…

Speaking of that tactic, Ainsley Maitland-Niles also was one who bared his ‘soul’ in order to change the status quo at Arsenal. Did that work out for him? Initially, the answer was yes. AMN did indeed receive the kind of assurances that he was seeking, and things appeared to calm down. However, the underlying reasons for Maitland-Niles’ discontent were not fixed, and recent reports suggest that he has agreed terms with Roma for a loan move.

However, it may be the case that the bargaining power of Romelu Lukaku is much stronger, and that he may be playing high stakes poker to achieve a better position at Chelsea. We will never know the motives of Lukaku, however, for the moment, Thomas Tuchel has a mess to sort out and specifically in these four areas.


Lukaku Spoke To The Press Before Tuchel?


According to the report on Lukaku’s interview, the Chelsea striker said:


‘He made his choice – I keep working, at a certain point I’ll speak with Tuchel and we will see the situation.’


This line in the interview will undoubtedly worry both Tuchel and Chelsea because it implies that Lukaku went to the media prior to voicing his concerns with the manager. Could this be accurate?

Since Tuchel responded to the unwelcome comments by saying that they needed further investigation, it appears that the comment may well be accurate, which will offer tremendous frustration to the organised and disciplined approach that the German manager requires.


Chelsea Were Lukaku’s 4th Choice?


In an attributed comment that will in no way endear Lukaku to Chelsea fans, he apparently chose Chelsea as an afterthought.

The article snippets, featured in Metro Newspaper, said:


‘‘There are 3 teams at top level: Barcelona, Real, Bayern. All the players dream of them, that’s the truth. I thought I was going to one of those clubs after Inter….This didn’t happened and I said: there is only one club where I can imagine myself, it’s Chelsea.’


It appears that Lukaku may have been intending to appeal to Chelsea fans with this comment. In reality however, saying that Chelsea were your 4th choice, and that they may not be at the same level as Barcelona, Real or Bayern, is something that will not go down well..not at all.

It is hard to imagine that Chelsea fans will be forgiving to a comment like this, given that Chelsea are European champions in their own right.


Angling For A Return To Inter?


Again, it is hard to know the exact motivation for this ‘noise’, as Tuchel puts it. However, a clue as to why Lukaku said these things may be found in one comment that he made:



‘Now it’s the right time to share my feelings. I have always said that I have Inter in my heart: I know I will return to Inter, I really hope so.’


It would take a very forgiving manager to overlook the kind of comments that Lukaku has made, and even more forgiving fans to do the same. But, maybe that is the point. Is it possible that by making those kind of comments that the position of Romelu at Chelsea is now untenable? Maybe so.

As such, and given that Chelsea decide to offload the striker, it would make sense that Lukaku would clearly indicate the path that he wants to take…a path that apparently didn’t happen when leaving Inter Milan. So, what would that path be? Lukaku said it himself: ‘I know I will return to Inter’.

If the explosive interview is a calculated gamble then Lukaku has laid his cards on the table…he doesn’t want to stay at Chelsea, and hopes to return to Inter sooner rather than later.

His comments have certainly greased the path for possible return…..

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