It is fair to say that tourism ain’t what it used to be! With Covid lockdowns, and international travel restrictions, the number of visitors to London is way down. Despite this, when we list the 4 most popular places to visit in London, there are few surprises. But, can you name them in order?

So, let’s list the 4 most popular places that have been visited in 2020, according to

THE Most Popular Place To Visit In London

Tate Modern - 4 Most Popular Places To Visit In London

So, what came top of your list? Was it Buckingham Palace, the London Eye, or The Emirates stadium(that one is just in our imagination!)?

You may be surprised to know..or maybe not..that top of the list is Tate Modern. Whilst numbers are significantly lower than in recent times, Tate received around 1.4 million visitors in 2020, a blighted year for tourism.

Address: Tate Modern
London SE1 9TG


The Second Most Popular Place To Visit In London

The Natural History Museum - 4 Most Popular Places To Visit In London

It seems that when it comes to tourism, culture and history are top of the list. this theme is repeated in the 2nd most popular choice for visitors in 2020.

With approximately 1.296 million visitors in 2020, the Natural History Museum in South Kensington was only around 130,000 visits behind Tate Modern. Again, numbers were significantly lower than in recent times.

Interesting Fact: If you love museums, the Natural History Museum is conveniently situated amongst 2 other museums on Exhibition Road, South Kensington..the others being the Science Museum and the Victoria and Albert Museum.

Address: Cromwell Rd,

South Kensington,

London SW7 5BD, 


Third Place Goes To…

The British Museum - 4 Most Popular Places To Visit In London

If the first two popular choices for visitors followed a theme, the third choice simply reinforced the trend.

With only touching distance separating it from second place, third place went to the British Museum, a wonderful journey into times and empires past. For the record, the British Museum scored an impressive 1.275 million visitors in 2020.

Interesting Fact: the British Museum is a permanent home to around 8 million works, making it the largest and most comprehensive collection in existence.

Address: Great Russell St,




Last But Not Least…

Royal Botanic Gardens Kew 4 most popular places in London

In a slightly different choice for 4th, and last place in today’s poll, visitors let their feet do the walking for more of an outdoors style attraction.

With a drop in numbers that was much less pronounced than for others in the list, the Royal Botanic Gardens in Kew scored an impressive 1.226 million visitors in 2020.

Interesting Fact: This is quite a garden! With around 1100 staff, and a budget of £65.6 million, it is the largest and most diverse botanical collection in the World!

Address: Richmond,

United Kingdom


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