It seems only yesterday that travel was a thing of the past. However, with the shredding of the substantial ‘red list’, suddenly the World is once again our oyster. So, before you tuck into your oysters, here are 4 must see post Covid Destinations that you must see.


One of the sites that has recently come off of the red list is a firm favourite for holiday travellers. And, the best thing is, it is only a few short hours away from London! So, with no further ado, we present our first post Covid destination…Turkey!

Turkey has so much to offer! Whether your idea of the perfect holiday is an awesome beach, or you love the hustle and bustle of a metropolis such as Istanbul, Turkey can hold your attention.

The great thing about Turkey is the diversity. And, why wouldn’t it shine in this respect? Not only is Turkey a place for the here and now, but it is steeped in amazing history. Everywhere you look, whether it be at historic Mosques, or colourful Mosaics, or even the rich history cooked into every meal, Turkey is immersed in it’s heritage.

And, the great thing is, you can travel between the steep, green shores of the Black Sea to an icon of history in a heartbeat! Turkey combines the pleasures of traditional holidays with the intellectual stimulation of any museum around the Wordl.

Requirements One of the sad realities of the post Covid world is the need to prove your benign threat to wherever you intend to travel, and Turkey is no exception.

To visit Turkey, prepare in advance your proof of vaccination, your evidence of having recovered from Covid, or a negative PCR test. And, there will be some paperwork to do, so visit, and become familiar with the health registration form. If researching up to date Foreign Office Advice is a wise option that you need, please also check the latest advice here.

Destination Situation With over half of Turks vaccinated, the situation is quite stable. However, the situation could differ in each area that you visit, so stay informed. Also, remember to take your face mask with you everywhere..they are almost always required in public places, and the requirement is fairly strict.


When it comes to countries that rely on holiday makers, getting back to normal, Post Covid, is obviously a high priority..and that is the the situation in Greece. Greece has been preparing to once again host travellers, and this works to your favour.

And, what a place Greece is to visit! Whether you intend to visit one of the 3,000 islands that litter it’s coastline, or you want to sample modern Greek city life…this holiday won’t disappoint.

And History! What hasn’t been said about Greek history, and it’s contribution to the World that we live in today. For this reason, Greece is a must see destination for all those who want to learn about those who came before us. And, after you have done your Indiana Jones impersonation, you can escape to the breathtaking mountains for clean air, and clearing of the stresses of modern life!

Requirements The Post Covid situation is also important to the Greek authorities. So, you will need proof of full vaccination, or other proof such as a negative PCR test, or recent recovery from Covid. And, the children need to be included in these preparations, with requirements for any child 12 years of age, or. older.

Some paper work will also need to be done. Remember to completepassenger locator form a day or more before your trip. Fine print, and other details can be seen here.

Destination Situation   The latest, and current situation in Greece can be found here, As a general rule though, you will need to wear a Facemask in indoor settings and functions. As well, you should carry with you proof of vaccination when you need to visit dining and drinking venues.

The Greeks haven’t taken up the vaccination drive as well as other areas, however tourist spots are often ahead of the curve.


For sun loving holiday makers, Malta is a top destination. Whilst Malta is not known for it’s lush forests, it’s rocky outposts, secret coves and grottoes, and glorious coastline, make it a great place to escape the UK winter chill.

With it’s location in the Mediterranean, close to so many nations and past empires, Malta has become a great fusion of different cultures. If you want a blend of Arabic, Italian, and a little British culture, Malta won’t disappoint. We are sure that you will find Malta to be an ideal place for any sun related activity that you wish for!

Requirements There are, again, substantial post Covid requirements, including vaccination certification. And, this proof isn’t just for adults, with every child 12 years and older needing proof. And, if you think that the younger. children escape, think again? Even 5-11 year olds will require a negative PCR test. More information on exact requirements can be found here.

Destination Situation  Fortunately, the strictest of requirements have been easing for the last six months. But, there are still some requirements, especially in restaurants. As well as this, you will probably be required to wear a face mask in most places.

There is some good news though. With Malta boasting an impressive vaccination rate, the risk of serious disease is quite low.


Our last offering is quite cool…literally.

Sun is not everyone’s cup of tea, so consider Iceland. This volcanic, ice littered island may not be the first place that you consider for a get away..but maybe it should be!

Iceland has amazing natural processes like the previously mentioned volcanoes and glacial ice. So, for a voyage of discovery, why not take a leisurely 820 mile self drive tour of the best that nature has to offer. You will see waterfalls, volcanic springs, ice sheets, and much, much more!

For those who prefer more noise, you can also try the famous bar crawl in Reykjavik! A must do for younger adults!

Requirements Of course, travel is becoming synonymous with Covid certification, and Iceland is no different. Remember to bring your Covid vaccination proof so that you can enter. And, if you are willing to do the PCR test, the inconvenient quarantine rules will be relaxed. For more up do date information, visit this website  here.

Destination Situation The situation on the ground is fluid. Whilst there was a waning of Covid, a surge in August has led to the reintroduction of some restrictions.

However, given Icelands’ great vaccination rates, travelling there shouldn’t become a one way trip.

In Summary,

Here we have included 3 sun soaked, and one icy cool destinations to consider for a perfect get away.

Now that your travel wings are back, it’s time to fly! So, with the choice of 3 sun soaked destinations, and 1 wild card, you have a great selection to choose from.

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