4 Ways The Premier League To Experience Not So 'Good Old Times'...

With the advent of Omicron and the introduction of ‘Plan B’, the English Premier League has now returned to the not so ‘Good Old Times’. But what will this mean for Football lovers in the Capital?

4 Of The Most Noticeable Changes

As reported by the government, and put in an article in the BBC, a number of changes have been touted. However, here are four of the most noticeable changes that Football fans will experience:

  • Masks required in indoor areas….whilst this will not necessarily impede the stadium seated fan, it will impact operational, and logistical areas.
  • Therapy to be less than 15 minutes…quite how this can be implemented remains to be seen, however, it could be that serious injury will require off site attendance.
  • Staff in contact with players to wear full PPE…this one will likely increase anxiety in those watching on, however, it is considered required in order to protect staff from infection. Still, seeing staff enter the pitch in full PPE can be a little stressful.
  • Full vaccination or proof of negative Covid result in attendances over 10,000.

Whilst there are other areas that Football will be impacted, these are probably the 4 most noticeable that we think fans should take note of.

A New Reality?

It seems that with each new variant, relaxed restrictions are needed to be re-implemented. And, since we are told that we have to ‘learn to live with’ Covid, it seems that Football fans will need to adjust to a new reality in the Premier League, FA Cup et al.

Maybe the old days of crowded, chanting fans is a memory to be cherished but no longer enjoyed….

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