A lab failure has resulted in up to 43,000 people being given false negative Covid test results..leading to the suspension of NHS Test and Trace operations at Wolverhampton’s Immensa Health Clinic Lab.

According to officials from the Health department, the compromised lab operations may have had 400,000 samples processed, with more than 10% of those giving false results between 8th September and 12th October.

Little Details Other Than It Relates To PCR Testing…

According to officials from the Health Department, no further details are available at this time. However, the first reported issue which a council was aware of, has now become not just a local issue, but is widespread, according to Metro.

The testing site in Berkshire for PCR which first reported a problem is now thought to have become a national issue, although it is not known if the issue here is related to the lab in Wolverhampton.

However, the council in West Berkshire has recommended that those who underwent testing at the Newbury Showground, be retested..incase of inaccurate results. This advice covers the period from the 3rd until the 12th October.

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The Council advised:

‘Over the past month, some PCR tests completed at the Newbury Showground testing site, operated by the Department for Health and Social Care (DHSC), have had results sent out that may have incorrectly shown as negative for Covid-19. ..After receiving reports from local residents in recent weeks that there were concerns about the accuracy of test results from the site, we passed these concerns onto the DHSC for further investigation. ..The DHSC has now confirmed that a number of sites nationally may have been affected by this issue, including the one at Newbury Showground

Today’s announcement arrives at a time when infections from Covid-19 have surged to 3 month highs, with 212,880 testing positive in the week up to 6th October..which represents an increase of 2% over the previous week. The last time a higher positive testing result occurred during a week was in the week up to 21st July, when the figure stood at 309,476.

Easing Of Restrictions Continuing, With Many Hiccups…

The latest news relating to opening, or loosening of international travel, comes at a time when incremental steps are being taken to ‘normalise’ life, trying to bring back as many of the pre Covid conditions as possible.

Whilst this process appears certain to continue, lab failures such as reported today, threaten the stability of these ‘normalisations’.

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