loss to West Ham

The one, and possibly most important thing to take away from the the loss to West Ham was the gripping game that both Chelsea and West Ham played. However, there were so many talking points!

Moyes Is The Real Deal

Ever since Sir Alex Ferguson recommended that Manchester United appoint David Moyes as his successor, it is fair to say that things have not always gone smoothly. That is, until he took control of the Hammers

Moyes has shown both tactical acumen and a whole range of talents as a manager that were not evident prior to this appointment.

However, it is now clear to see exactly why Ferguson singled out Moyes for the role.

Individual Errors

In his post match interview on the BBC, Chelsea coach highlighted the role of individual errors over the last 3 matches. Tuchel said that if you do this, it will be hard to always get a result..and he is correct. However, was he referring to the error by Mendy that allowed West Ham to score the winner?

Whilst it is true that Mendy’s error…heading out to intercept a cross, when the ball was a wonderful shot? into the top left hand corner of the Chelsea goal….the tone of Tuchel’s interview seemed to be directed more at the team as a whole, rather than an individual, such as Mendy, in particular.

Despite that, the keeper was poorly positioned for the goal, an individual error to be sure. However, when the opposition were also surprised, some slack should be allowed. West Ham Manager Moyes said:

“I said to him I thought it was a great cross…It was very fortunate but in football you need a bit of fortune sometimes. In the last few games we have lost it a little bit, but today we got it back.”


Even goal scorer Masuaku said on Twitter:

“So, was it a cross or was it shot?…(Hint: I was as surprised as you).”


Even if Tuchel didn’t specifically point his finger at Mendy, his error is part of a worrying trend for Tuchel, who surrendered top position to Manchester City today.

Absolutely Not…

With a recent pattern of errors and ‘tiredness’, is it time for Chelsea to believe that there are cracks in the foundation of their title challenge?

When asked: ‘What were the good things about Chelsea’s performance?’, Tuchel gave a surprising answer:

It is not a performance to be made about the performance…to ask the big questions, for me absolutely not…


Tuchel went to emphatic lengths to point out that the details were in need of attention, rather than a rot having been sent in.

In fact, during his conclusion to that question, the word ‘details’ was mentioned at least 3 times, a clear attempt to install calm following the defeat.

So, Chelsea fans, if you take anything from the interview take this, is it time to panic, or think that major problems lie with your team? According to Tuchel:

Absolutely Not

For The Record

West Ham United 3 – Chelsea 2

Goals West Ham

  • Lanzini (40’minutes pen), 
  • Bowen (56’minutes), 
  • Masuaku (87’minutes)

Half Time 1-2

Goals Chelsea

  • Thiago Silva (28’minutes), 
  • Mount (44’minutes)
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