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Alec Baldwin has given his phone to the authorities after a search warrant was issued in December following the tragic death by gunshot on the set of Rust.

The Santa Fe County Sheriff’s Office said, as reported on Metro.co.uk:


‘The Baldwin cell phone was turned over to Suffolk County law enforcement authorities….They will gather information off the phone and provide the Santa Fe County Sheriff’s Office with the evidence gathered…The Santa Fe County Sheriff’s Office does not yet have physical possession of the data to be retrieved off the Baldwin phone. This is in process.”



The phone was handed in only a short time after a statement had been issued saying that the phone was not yet in the hands of authorities.

The warrant for the phone had been issued on 6th December..the reason being that it was believed that it may have evidence pertinent to the shooting of Halyna Hutchins on the film set of Rust.

Baldwin previously had described any allegation that he was not complying with authorities as ‘bulls**t.’

The statement said:


‘It’s a process that takes time…They have to specify what exactly they want. They just can’t go through your phone and take, you know, your photos or your love letters to your wife or whatever…But, of course, we are 1,000% going to comply with all that. We’re, you know, perfectly fine with that.’


Hutchins was fatally shot whilst the film Rust was in production, in October 2021 at only 42 years of age, after a prop gun fired a live round. Baldwin was in possession of the ‘prop gun’ when it went off.


Hutchins was taken to hospital but eventually passed away, while director Joel Souza suffered injuries as well but has subsequently been released from hospital.

Baldwin, 63, later mentioned feeling ‘no guilt’ since the accident was not his fault.

When asked: ‘Do you feel guilt?’, Baldwin clarified his feelings, saying:



‘No, no…I feel that there is… Someone is responsible for what happened and I can’t say who that is, but I know it’s not me…Honest to God, if I felt that I was responsible… I might have killed myself if I thought I was responsible…And I don’t say that lightly.’


Why Baldwin Took So Long To Comply


In essence, Baldwin states that he has no issue with complying with authorities, however, releasing his phone would make public unrelated personal matters..or at least make them accessible to people to whom they should not be.

As someone who feels no guilt for the accident, Baldwin likely feels that there will be nothing on the phone that will assist with enquiries, however there are sensitive areas of content that he would prefer to remain private. A fair viewpoint.

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