All eligible adults in the UK will be offered a booster jab by the end of January as fears about Omicron grow.

Resisting calls for increased damaging restrictions, the Prime Minister said that the nation would make the Booster jab available quickly, this coming amidst claims that whilst Omicron is highly transmissible, that it isn’t necessarily a severe disease.

In an article in Metro Newspaper, Dr Ugur Sahin, co-founder of BioNTech, under the headingOmicron variant ‘unlikely to cause severe illness’ in people with Pfizer jab’, said that people shouldn’t ‘freak out’, and that an orderly roll out of the booster jab is the best way to combat the new variant.

Speedy But Orderly…

In an address to the British people, Boris Johnson said that whilst the booster program would be implemented to all who want it in the next couple of months, that the rollout would be orderly.

The PM said that it would be made available in reverse age order, with 5 year increments of ages to be notified of their turn. He also mentioned that no one should try to obtain their booster shot until the NHS has notified them that their turn has come.

Implementing the boosters is a massive undertaking, yet the PM insists that the UK has the resources to ensure that it is done. Whilst some 18 million may have already received a boostermillions more’ will be required.

In a reference to the holiday season, the PM said that ‘vaccination hubs will pop up like Christmas trees’ and that 400 military personnel will also be utilised to ensure the success of the program. In addition, the minimum gap between a 2nd dose and a booster shot has been halved from six months to three months.

The Prime Minister has taken the lead personally saying that he had been ‘waiting patiently for his booster and will receive it on Thursday’.

Will The Booster Stop Omicron?

Whilst the PM didn’t say that Omicron could be stopped by the Booster, he did say that the program would allow scientists time to ‘crack the code’ of Omicron..potentially meaning that if required, another shot could be developed that is specifically targeted to the new variant.

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