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Tim Sherwood joined most of us in being ‘alarmed’ by Antonio Conte’s interview following Tottenham’s 1-0 loss to Burnley and believes the club are ‘miles away’ from giving the serial winner the kind of platform that he needs for success.

Spurs stunned everyone in humbling Manchester City in an away victory at the weekend, but then fell to a 4th defeat in only 5 games in their defeat at Turf Moor.

Ben Mee outjumped Cristian Romero to power home the only goal of the game, consigning Tottenham to yet another loss.


Honest But Downbeat

Conte had already got alarm bells ringing following thinly veiled criticism of Tottenham’s transfers in the January transfer window and the 52-year-old stunned us all by hinting that he could possibly walk away from the North London outfit. Conte said:



‘There will be an assessment, an assessment about the club, about me, because I think for me it’s very frustrating to lose the four games in the last five games…For sure, the situation is this. The situation speaks clear. I’m really sorry for the fans, I’m really sorry for the fans, especially for the fans because I think they don’t deserve this…But when you lost four games out of the last five it means the club has to make an assessment, also to speak together, to understand which is the best solution…In this situation the players are always the same. In this club, they change the coaches but the players are the same, and the result doesn’t change…I’m too honest to accept this type of situation. For sure, we will make an assessment with the club….It’s not right, it’s not good to continue to lose and I can’t accept this. It’s not good for no one.’

Reacting to the bombshell interview on Premier League Productions, ex-Tottenham manager Sherwood said he was shocked, fearing that Conte could walk away, as he did at Inter Milan last summer. Sherwood said:


‘It doesn’t look good, it’s not a good look. He was almost resigning. It sounded like that. He obviously wants to have discussions with Daniel Levy and the board…It’s not good enough, losing four out of five games and the game they won was against a team nobody could beat. It was a fantastic performance, but it’s about getting consistency…We laugh about it, but can you go there on Wednesday night when it’s cold at Burnley and win? Roll your sleeves up and dig it out, top teams do. They never looked like they were going to win tonight. Burnley looked like they were going to win…That interview there was alarming. I think he gets super emotional. When he wins he’s on a super high as we saw at the weekend and he takes defeat very hard….I’ve been there, I know what it’s like. It doesn’t matter what level you manage at your wins are unbelievable and your losses it’s like it’s the end of the world. But that was not a good look….Perhaps he never got the players that he wanted to bring in the January transfer window, but he was happy with them on Saturday when they had a fantastic result against Manchester City…He said after the game that everything was great, you get a poor result and I think his emotions are just too low. I think he needs to keep it on a level keel….He’s a very good manager, a proven winner. It’s okay him demanding, but it’s hard to demand when you’ve only got one year left at the end of the season. He only wanted to sign an 18-month contract, he doesn’t stay anywhere too long….If he’s going to win, like he’s a serial winner, how is he going to win next season? What is he going to win? We’re not talking about domestic cups with this guy….He wants to win the Premier League. They are miles away from winning the Premier League so perhaps, if you’re going to evaluate that, then the club needs to evaluate if they don’t match his ambition….If his ambition is to win the the Premier League in the next year of what he’s got left on his contract, he shouldn’t have gone in there in the first place.’



Conte is always known for being honest, but his downbeat comments are causing consternation among Football fans around the World.

It was always a strange marriage, Conte with a Tottenham board that have faced criticism over squad strengthening, and it appears that now the chickens are coming home to roost.


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