An event cancelled is better than a life cancelled

With the latest variant, Omicron, now causing some countries to lock down, others to restrict travel, the WHO has come out with advice for the coming holiday period.

The WHO place the responsibility on a personal level.

With some nations such as Australia, and even the UK, not immediately pursuing further restrictions, the WHO has recommended more individual actions to prevent the spread of Omicron…specifically the cancelling of holiday season events where the variant could spread..even creating a ‘superspreader’ event.

It is likely that, on a personal level, that individuals in Western countries will not wholeheartedly embrace the latest advice..with the result that the highly contagious Omicron variant will potentially spread quickly and extensively.

Nevertheless, authorities are attempting to do what little they can to stop this scenario, whilst not rushing back into lockdown status globally.

The advice from WHO is that social events should be cancelled in favour of protection of life..despite the fact that there is yet insufficient evidence that the Omicron variant has any more than mild symptoms in the majority of cases.

Could A Post Seasonal Lockdown Still Occur?

Whilst Prime Minister Johnson ruled out increasing restrictions for now, he did not rule out further action..if required.

Should the holiday season show massive increase in cases, what would this mean for the New Year?

Much will depend on how Omicron increases during the next few days and weeks, however, a massive increase in already record cases…allied with pressure on the NHS…could potentially see further restrictions implemented, although this is a likelihood that the government is keenly trying to downplay at this time.

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