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Arsenal legend Jack Wilshere has teased a possible return to the starting eleven following a  cryptic Instagram post last night, and Gunners fans seem over the moon!…But what exactly was the message?


Why Would Arsenal Consider Him

Wilshere, who is currently without a club, but only 30 years of age, is valued at 2.00m by Transfermkt. 

Whilst his age is ‘mature’, given the youthful age of the Arsenal squad, he is not yet retirement age…and given his value, he could fill key roles in Arteta’s plans, including:


  • Providing cover for Arsenal’s depleted midfield.
  • Mentoring the youthful squad members, and
  • Offering the chance for significant profit is he is sold on later.


Of course, this is all speculation..or is it?


The Cryptic Hint Of A Possible Return


It has been the case a few times recently, that when players have hinted that they will soon sign for the Gunners, they drop a ‘subtle’ hint by means of an hourglass emoji.

Of course, there is no rule that you have to use that emoji when you are joining a club…but it does happen a lot. So, with that in mind, see what Wilshire posted on Instagram:


Jack Wilshere to join Arsenal?


So, not only did Wilshere post an hourglass emoji…he actually posted two of them! However, it could all be part of a prank, Wilshere is not adverse to humour. However, it could also mean that he could soon turn out again for Arsenal…at least temporarily.

Interestingly too, Charlie Patino, an up and coming attacking player who is surely benefitting from training with Wilshere, put a like on this post.


Arsenal Fans Happy…


Given that Arsenal are postponing games, and yet still letting players go, fans are understandably concerned. So, when you have a fan favourite like Jack possibly coming to the rescue, like some red and white Knight in shining home kit, fans are thrilled.

What do you think? Would bringing Jack Wilshere back into the fold, even temporarily, be a good move?

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