Aubameyang Exit Has 2 Conditions

With Arsenal actively pursuing a new striker, whether than be Vlahovic, or Isak, getting Aubameyang off the wage roll is a priority for the Gunners.

However, despite reported massive interest in the Middle East, Aubameyang Exit will apparently only come when 2 conditions are met, according to the Athletic.


Condition 1


The usually reliable Ornstein says that Aubameyang has laid down conditions for his departure from the Arsenal, both of which are understandable, but not necessarily able to be accommodated.

Firstly, Auba wants to play in a top European league. With his track record(until recently), Aubameyang clearly believes that he has much to offer and wants to be tested against the best standard of opposition.

Whilst this is understandable, it puts Arsenal in a difficult position. Most European clubs have had some financial issues over the last couple of years, and the massive reported offer from the Middle East is unlikely to be matched in Europe.


Condition 2


The second condition that Aubameyang has made is on the same grounds as the first. Auba wants to play at the highest level. That is seemingly referring to playing Champions League Football, since that is the highest club standard available in Europe. And, of course, this demand significantly narrows down the list of potential suitors for his services. So, will Auba get his wish?


The Problem


A departure to the Middle East would likely have been a massive advantage for Arsenal.

They would not only have freed up 100% of Auba’s lofty wages(according to reports), but they would have received around 8 million Euros once the loan period was up. Whilst 8 million doesn’t seem a lot for a striker who cost so much, when you factor in the salary savings, then Arsenal could benefit north of 30 million pounds. Unfortunately, Aubameyang has seemingly shut the door on that deal.

The second problem, as mentioned, is that a European Champions League club would likely only offer what seems to be the default position lately….a loan period with an option to buy, instead of an obligation. Since Aubameyang has well over the 6 months that loans usually include, left on his Arsenal contract, Arsenal could find that they sign an expensive striker to replace Auba, then find him returning…on full wages…in 6 months time. Not a great proposition at all.

Lastly and realistically, how much of Auba’s wages would most teams be willing to cover? It is safe to conclude that very few, if any, would cover the entirety of his wages, so even if Arsenal could cover half of his wages(which is optimistic), then Arsenal would still be paying possible 150, 000 per week for no return.




Arsenal are stuck between a rock and a hard place on this one. The options are:


  • Keep him – and possibly sacrifice their goals for this season because, frankly, his scoring record has not been good in recent times.
  • Loan him – and risk having him return in 6 months, increasing financial pressures on the club.
  • Beg him to go – this would likely include a pay off to incentivise his departure…another costly option…very costly.


With only a few days left in the window, time is running out on a solution. Failure to act quickly could see Arsenal flounder for the remainder of the season.


The clock is ticking……


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