Aubameyang Joins Barcelona

As predicted, the BBC is now showing the headline: Aubameyang Joins Barcelona


Winners All Round…


It’s been no surprise to anyone that Aubameyang has not given his heart to Arsenal. Well, at least since his new contract.

Arteta’s policy of bringing in ‘mature’ players to help Arsenal to glory has not worked out so well. Think Ozil, Willian…and now Aubameyang. Yes, we know, some of those(Ozil) were already there. However, the prospect of a fat contract has not proven enough to bring out the best of those players, not by a long stretch. We hope that this policy has now been consigned to the dustbin of history.

And, when it comes to Aubameyang moving to Barcelona, there are winners all round.




Arsenal have saved a massive reported 350k a week by getting rid of Auba. Whilst Aubameyang leaves on a ‘free’, in fact, Arsenal are winners here. They get someone whose form has been very ordinary, yet still earns massive wages, off the books.

They also remove the kind of toxic atmosphere that the last days of Mesut Ozil brought the club. Arsenal may not have received a transfer fee for Auba, but there will be smiles tonight.




The recruitment of Sergio Aguero, another ‘mature’ player, did not work out so well for Barca. However, they have now repeated the process by bringing in Aubameyang. The good news for them is, that even if Aubameyang continues his post contract Arsenal form, it will not cost them too much.

Firstly, they paid no transfer fee reportedly. Secondly, the wages. According to the BBC:


…the Gabon forward may just get 2m euros this season – rather than the circa 9m euros (£7.5m) he was due at Arsenal – and more later.


So, Barcelona have hired a previously World Class forward(previously), in the hope that he will rediscover his ambition and pride. Best of all, if it doesn’t work out, it will cost them a paupers wages(in modern standards) compared to what Aubameyang was earning at Arsenal.




The ‘Gabon forward’ has not been the same in the last couple of years.

Age shouldn’t be an issue, after all Ronaldo and Messi still keep going, despite being much older. It must likely come down to pride..pride in your team, and motivation in setting new goals.

Aubameyang stated that he only wanted to leave Arsenal for a ‘top European Club’. Of course, this would be great motivation to resume his World Class goal scoring ability..and we hope he does.

Whilst ‘Auba’ may not receive anywhere near the wages he got at the Gunners, he will still be on a ‘good wage’, and he may just get the motivation that the needs to fire once again.




Lessons Learnt


The Aubameyang contract has not worked out well for all concerned. Hopefully, all will now benefit from his move to Barcelona..and Arsenal can now find a striker who is worthy of a club of this stature.

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