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Why Aubameyang To Newcastle Is Possible…But Also, Why It May Well Not Happen


The Aubameyang to Newcastle story has certainly gathered a lot of steam, many Arsenal online blogs and news reporters are saying that enquiries have been made etc. But, you may wonder: Who started the story? Well, here it is:


Aubameyang to Newcastle?


But, the million dollar question is: Is this just another transfer rumour..simply click bait?


Reasons Why Aubameyang to Newcastle Could Happen…


Assuming that there is some truth in this story, why could a transfer to Newcastle United happen? Here are some reasons:


So, looking at these one by one.

Firstly, yes Newcastle absolutely do have the financial resources to pull this off. With a reported 300 billion at the disposal of their backers, Newcastle will need to start performing if the new owners are to get any kind of Return on Investment. So, it is not simply that the new owners do have the ability to pay what is required, they have an obligation to do just that.

Secondly, and let’s be frank, Newcastle are pretty much certain of relegation unless things change, and change quickly. As much as we like Eddie Howe, it seemed as though Newcastle ‘settled’ for a manager who could bring them back up quickly if they were relegated, instead of hiring a manager who would be aiming at an EPL title within 2 years. As such, it must be obvious to all that relegation is a pretty likely scenario for the Black and Whites….unless the owners can change the whole club…and do it now!

Lastly, Newcastle did have a successful transfer with Arsenal when it came to Joe Willock…successful for Arsenal that is. Arsenal were able to get a fee that seemed reasonable given Willocks’ scoring form whilst on loan..a scoring vein that has completely vanished as though it were never possible in the first place.

However, since Joe Willock did perform so well whilst on loan, it seems that this would be a good place to start for Auba..a loan move.


Reasons Why Aubameyang To Newcastle May Not Happen….


Let’s be honest here. In the transfer window, all sorts of rumours fly around..the vast majority of which tend to be little more than hot air. Is this the case here?

There is no reason yet to think that this story is simply ‘click bait’. After all, Aubameyang has been frozen out at Arsenal on a ‘game by game’ basis until he learns the errors of his ways. Given that he has not appeared since, it would seem that Auba may well be chafing at the discipline, and similarly to Guendouzzi, may never accept it. If that is the case, it would seem that Auba has no future at the club and is a similar weighty baggage to Ozil before his departure. As such, getting him off the wage bill would be sensible. However, the fact that there are good reasons for this doesn’t mean it will happen.

Think about this. Auba, if he goes to Newcastle won’t take a massive reduction in his exorbitant wages. And, this doesn’t mean that just because the Saudis can pay it..they will pay it. It could well be that they will be hanging out for a dual obligation with Arsenal to cover his wages. Why?

For the amount that Aubameyang would command in wages, Newcastle could easily bring in 3 other stars and have change left each week. Auba’s goal scoring record of late has been, well…ordinary. There is no way that a club would feel that Auba could command those amount of wages unless he returned to the Auba of old, and there is no reason to believe that this is a certainty, or even likely.

The more definite reason why he may not go to Newcastle is due to the reported structure of the deal.

Apparently, Newcastle want an ‘option’ to buy for 20 million. Arsenal will want, and rightly so, an ‘obligation’ to buy for that amount. If Auba has no future at the club, why would Arsenal want him back? The answer is, of course, they wouldn’t. So, if Newcastle did want Auba, they would have to commit to buying him. This could be a bridge too far. And, this leads us to the final reason.

If Newcastle were to commit to buy Aubameyang, he may not agree to that. And, not because he wants to return to Arsenal, there is a bigger reason.

Aubameyang knows that, at Arsenal, he will be playing Premier League Football. At Newcastle, there are no such guarantees.. probably nearer the opposite.

So, say Newcastle commit to buy Aubameyang for 20 million and they get relegated. Would Auba be happy with that? Absolutely not! And, if a club pay 20 million, they are not going to include a release clause, activated if relegated. Auba to Newcastle, if made permanent, would need to be a deal where Auba could be playing Championship Football next season…..A massive reason why Aubameyang to Newcastle may not happen!



Transfer Rumour Rating 5/10

This rumour is possible, however it would take skilled and extensive negotiation to get this over the line…not impossible but improbable.

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