The latest in a series of outages have seen thousand of customers at Barclays Bank unable to access their accounts this morning as their app suffers an outage, according to

The news according to Down Detector, which keeps an eye on website outages, is that as many as 2,000 users started having interruptions to their service at approximately 6am on October 27.

We are aware…

Rather than stay silent, Barclays’ status update page acknowledges that it knows about the problem..and is working hard to remedy it. They said:

‘We’re sorry, we’re fixing a problem with our app right now,’

London at the eye…

The area that appears to be impacted the most, is the capital itself. With a high concentration of Barclay’s users, London has felt the most from the effect from the outage, and Twitter has been the platform for their frustrations, with some querying the outage, whilst others express their concern at not being able to access vital services.

The bank has been proactive in communicating…not something that larger companies are always known for…with it’s social media crew contacting customers to explain what is happening, and pledging to work at resolving the situation asap.

The large share of the problems (68%) concerned mobile banking, whilst an additional 25% related to online banking and 7% mobile log ins, in information provided by  DownDetector

In a further public relations score, Barclays’ UK Help Twitter account were quick to reply to one frustrated customer:

‘Thanks for your message and please don’t worry! We’re aware of the issues with the app, the team are working hard to fix this ASAP.’ 


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