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When you get up, our routine is almost programmed in that we do it without thinking, and many times we are glad that we do!

For many, it means rehydrating, going for some exercise, or even simply just checking our Social Media or Email accounts. After all, who knows what happened while we slept.

However, one thing that we pretty much all share in common is to brush your teeth..morning breath is not a good thing, unless you’re Shrek!

But when is the optimal time..before or after your breakfast?



Brush Your Teeth - Before Or After Breakfast?

Is There A Recommended Time To Brush?

Many would instinctively say: Definitely AFTER breakfast. And, there is a good deal of logic to that. You might be surprised to know, that dentists take a differing view. Their recommendation is to brush your teeth before you eat or drink…Wow! Surely there is some logic to that?

According to Metro, Dental professional Anna Peterson, from Essex, states that brushing after breakfast could actually result in damage to your teeth. In a TikTok video, she said:

‘When you eat breakfast your mouth becomes acidic…So, what you’re doing when you brush your teeth after breakfast is brushing the acid into the tooth and this wears away the enamel…Your teeth are more susceptible to acidic damage from bacteria when you wake up in the morning as the levels of calcium in the saliva are at their lowest.


Why is this? Well, apparently, if you brush your teeth before eating, it starts the process of salivary flow that has pretty much come to a halt overnight – plus, the fluoride in the toothpaste provides a buffer that will protect your teeth from the effects of acidic food, coffee, etc.

Conversely, munching food and drink before you brush, exposes the enamel of your teeth to acid when they are least able to deal with it. Doing this, can lead to roughing up the teeth, and increasing their sensitivity, not a good thing as anyone who has winced when eating an ice-cream can testify!

Colgate recommends a good fluoride toothpaste. Why? Because it has a double head of benefits…it gets rid of plaque and prevents your teeth from decaying.


But what if you are a creature of habit and like brushing your teeth after eating breakfast?


Most experts would agree that brushing your teeth twice each day is optimal. Therefore, it’s better to brush after eating than not to brush at all.

Despite this, according to Healthline, many breakfast items can actually cause damage to our teeth, before we brush them. Some items on this list are:

  • Your Morning Coffee
  • Your Regular Morning Orange juice
  • Just About Any Citrus fruit
  • Dried fruit
  • Bread – Toast Or Otherwise
  • Those Delicious Morning Pastries

So, brushing after eating these could be doing you harm. However, if you do, try this suggestion. Wait for half, or even, one hour before brushing. Why?

Giving your teeth a good scrub straight after eating may result in deposits of acidic food on your teeth. This could weaken your enamel…not a good thing.

But, if you wait for a while, you can protect your teeth from further damage down the line..



Happy Munching!

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