Opposition councillors have called for the Marble Arch Mound to be put “out of its misery” and consigned to the dustbin of history.

Initially viewed as an ambitious sign of progress by Westminster City Council it not only went over budget but has also now been labelled as “London’s worst attraction”.

According to the Labour group of the council, the mound is “an international embarrassment” and urged for it’s removal.

However, Westminster City Council defiantly declared that the mound is now “drawing in crowds”.

The Marble Arch Mound, which was commissioned by the council, was an attempt to lead the city out of the recent problems by drawing back visitors to the area.

Despite an initial budget of 2 million, it ended up costing £6m to build, a whopping 300% of budget, and with entrance fees dropping in August, due to plant deaths, it is unlikely to pay for itself anytime soon.

The mound itself has not been the first casualty of the fiasco, with the deputy leader of Westminster council, who had the responsibility for the project resigning due to rising costs.

According to Labour group leader Adam Hug, as reported by the BBC, the mound is:

“a major embarrassment to the Westminster Council who have lost £6m of taxpayers’ money”.

“It’s time to get rid of the Conservatives and put the mound out of its misery,”

Clearly though, the council takes a different view, so the Labour group has requested an independent review of the why there were the spiralling costs that the project incurred

The Labour group posted this on it’s website:

“The council has given up on trying to recover the cost of the mound and it remains an international embarrassment to the city.”

In defence, the council’s cabinet member for planning, business and licensing, Matthew Green said that the mound was now:

“drawing in crowds and supporting the recovery in this part of London, which is what we’ve always wanted and the reason we built the mound…We’re really pleased that 90,000 people have already visited… it’s a fantastic celebration of arts and culture, which are central to the City of Westminster’s unique role at the heart of London.”

Any attempt to move forward with removing the controversial mound will need to wait until Wednesday, when the council will discuss it’s future and Labour’s proposal.

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