Can The UK Avoid Further Restrictions

European governments are reestablishing Covid limitations as the new Omicron variation keeps on spreading across the mainland.

Germany and Portugal are among countries declaring post-Christmas controls and more noteworthy social separating measures.

Omicron is as of now the predominant strain in numerous European nations.

Spain has detailed its largest number of day by day cases since the beginning of the pandemic and France has cautioned every day cases there could soar past 100,000 each day.

French Health Minister Olivier Véran said the expansion in positive cases in the country, presently at around 70,000, would be driven by the Omicron variation, which he said was probably going to turn into the major mutation by early January.

The flood in cases across Europe will push hospital and other health agencies towards the edge of breakdown, the World Health Organization’s high ranking representative in Europe has cautioned.

Hans Kluge warned that “another storm” was coming and authorities should prepare for critical expansions in cases.

Which Countries Have Added Further Restrictions?

With the holiday season soon to pass, several European nations have announced significant increase in restrictions following the next few days. Those to announce increased restrictions are:

It is likely that this list will grow and that restrictions will likely become more uniform in type and severity. So, the question is: Can the UK avoid further restrictions?

No Increase in UK Restrictions…For Now

The Prime Minister announced that there would not yet be any further increase in restrictions..but ruled nothing out, in the latest UK news on the matter.

However, the words were chosen carefully.

The simple fact is that the Island is not an island. The UK is not immune to decisions made by the rest of Europe. Since the trend in Europe is for further restrictions following the holiday period, can the UK go alone on this?

The simple answer is no….Take, for instance, travel. If a whole raft of requirements are implemented to further tighten travel between European states, the UK can’t simply ignore these. And, in turn, they will be required to standardise those procedures with other states.

Another thing to consider is that if the UK does experience massive increases in infections, as it is currently experiencing, and other nations have a modicum of success in reducing infection rates following resumption of restrictions, then calls in the UK will become loud and strong to imitate those restrictions.

Whatever ties the UK has with the European mainland, Covid is no respecter of borders. As such, the fact that other states are urgently increasing restrictions WILL likely have a knock on effect in the UK.

The question everyone is asking is: can the UK avoid further restrictions..the simple answer at this point is…not likely.

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