Well, it’s fair to say that with the 3rd round providing plenty of excitement, the Carabao Cup 4th Round Fixtures are sure to continue interest in the cup.

With Chelsea’s exciting penalty win over ambitious Aston Villa, and Tottenham’s Nuno Espirito Santo overcoming former team Wolves, plus West Ham overcoming even more ambitious Manchester United, the 3rd round didn’t disappoint. So, what will the 4th round bring?

Carabao Cup 4th Round Fixtures – What To Look Forward To

Our pick of the London clubs in action will be West Ham v Manchester City.

With Manchester City being a proven serial winning team, and Moyes’ West Ham a new force to be reckoned with, this tie is set up for a major clash, a real mouth watering event. Whilst it would be fair to say that City will be the favourites for the tie, West Ham’s victory over the other Manchester cousin of the ‘noisy neighbours’ adds an element of doubt as to whether Guardiola can over come Moyes.

Here at London Metro News, Moyes’ poor spell at Manchester United left us wondering whether he had it in him to be a top manager. It’s fair to say now that those fears were without merit. Moyes has done a fantastic job at West Ham, and we hope that his London team can overcome the northern power city of Manchester for a second time.

Other interesting ties include Arsenal v Leeds. This is another Carabao Cup 4th Round Fixture to get you excited. Arsenal have been poor this season, however their 3 wins on the trot..albeit by mostly narrow margins, means that Arteta’s babes may be on the way towards realising their potential. Pit those ‘babes’ against the hard pressing, experienced team of Bielsa, and you have either a hard fought contest with a narrow Arsenal victory, or a rout by a Leeds side that will steamroll them.

It would normally be the case that a tie that consists of Burnley v Tottenham Hotspur would also be one to look forward to. However, For some reason, Burnley just haven’t got going yet. Although…Tottenham have come off recent highs, so who knows!

It would be good for the hard fighting Burnley to show their intent with a hard fought battle against Spurs, but, as yet, there is little sign of that.

Any way, here are the Carabao Cup 4th Round Fixtures in full.

Full Fixture List

Chelsea v Southampton

Arsenal v Leeds

Stoke v Brentford

West Ham v Manchester City

Leicester v Brighton

Burnley v Tottenham

QPR v Sunderland

Preston v Liverpool

June 30, 2022 10:48 am

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