If you find the expensive PCR tests just too much when you need to travel, there’s good news on the way! From October 24, there will be cheaper Covid tests for travellers, with lateral flow tests will be allowed, replacing the more expensive PCR options.

What’s even greater about this news is that the authorities plan to bring them in for the return from half tern breaks, giving extra holiday stress relief for families.

As usual, the full vaccinated will be the ones to benefit, with their verification being allowed via uploaded photos of their Covid-19 tests. The aim, according to Transport Secretary Grant Shapps, is to make your travel both easier and more simple.

In addition to assisting returning families, the Travel Industry pressed for the changes to be made in time for it’s effects to benefit half term holidays. In a comment included on BBC News, the chief executive of Airlines UK, Tim Alderslade, said:

“This is great news and we’re pleased to get it over the line in time for the crucial half term period, which will be a massive relief to families desperate to get away this autumn.”

Today’s news follows quickly on the heels of the travel red list reduction, which went into practice last week. The recent changes were described by Alderslade as:

“a major step forward that will support the desperately needed recovery of our sector.”

The changes, although coming quickly, reflect confidence in the vaccination process. This is because the restrictions are incrementally being loosed, even though the UK records very high levels of positive Covid results…45,066 recorded on Thursday, with an additional 157 deaths too.

How Much Will Travellers Save:

Will there be much of a saving with the new arrangement? Absolutely! Currently a PCR test can cost £75 per person. However, whilst some lateral flow tests can cost in the region of 27 pounds, some are offered free* such as are found here.

However, despite the variety in providers for lateral flow tests, there will be an approved list of providers on the gov.uk website, available from October 22.

What About The Other Free Test?

Whilst the prospect of a possibly FREE test should thrill travellers, there is actually one that is already FREE, the NHS Test and Trace tests.

These are available at no cost, however they will not be of use for travel. Why?

The authorities have excluded the NHS Test and Trace Tests for International travel, meaning that the new arrangement will be the best, and possibly cheapest option from the end of this month.

In heralding the effect of the new arrangement, Health Secretary Sajid Javid declared:

” We want to make going abroad easier and cheaper, whether you’re travelling for work, or visiting friends and family…we can safely open up travel as we learn to live with the virus”

If You Have Any Experiences Positive Or Negative With The New Lateral Flow Tests, Please Send Us An Email

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