If you are struggling to get Essential Shopping Items, you are not alone. A growing number of Brits are in the same boat..and the bad news is that things will likely get worse as the holiday season approaches

Metro cites the Office for National Statistics as saying that one in six have gone wanting when trying to source vital products in their shopping list, with a whopping 25% suffering similarly when try to buy those items that are non-essential.

Many shopkeepers are struggling to fill their shelves, a site becoming all too common to see, as lockdown and other issues strain the supply chain. But, one retailer is seemingly benefitting from the crisis, why?

Larger Supply Stores Like Costco Experiencing Increased Demand

Where do you turn to if your smaller supermarket lacks the things you need? Likely, you will turn to retailers who are known for bulk supply, and in some areas that is exactly what is happening.

For instance, Costco in Manchester opened to long lines of customers seeking to find the essential items that they need…at wholesale prices. Of course, when discussing essential items, one particular shopping item usually sells out first…toilet roll. And so, it has proven to be.

The shopping frenzy has also branched into another area…holiday season supplies.

With two thirds of people concerned that they may not get what they need doing the upcoming holiday season(according to Grocer magazine), one third of those surveyed had already begun stocking up on holiday food and drink….two months ahead of time.

Costco Benefits Whilst Others…

When one company, in this case Costco, benefits in locations from increased demand, it usually comes at a cost to others who will have lost out.

The wholesale giant will likely have picked up part of the estimated £2billion that the ‘big four supermarkets’ – Asda, Morrison’s, Sainsbury’s and Tesco have lost in sales due to the dwindling supplies.

And, in a ‘perfect storm’ of problems, the recent rises in gas prices, allied with the fuel supply problems of recent weeks, are likely to align with the outcome that disruption could soon become severe.

How Is The Problem Showing Up In The Numbers?

In a survey of 3326 adults, the majority(57%) said that they weren’t lacking anything they need at this time. However, around 60% had already experienced unusual shopping experiences. How so?

Well, the supply chain disruptions had led to almost half (43%) experiencing less variety in their shopping choices, with 14% having to shop in more than one store to purchase what they need.

A Dire Appeal

Whilst the situation is not yet severe, one source warned that things could become so.

Shane Brennan( Cold Chain Fed.) in speaking to The Grocer, said:

‘Shane Brennan, of the Cold Chain Federation told The Grocer: ‘The biggest choice every one of the major supermarkets has got this week is: are we going to have a survival of the fittest Christmas or are we going to all work together and try and get through Christmas?’ 

This dire appeal for shopper unity is somewhat backed up by Analysts Nielsen IQ, who said that under normal circumstances, bigger supermarkets are able to supply 98.5% of all products..whereas, that figure has dropped as low as 90% for some products.

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