Covid Deaths Reach 7 Week Low In Good News For The UK

In great news for those who are concerned about a new wave of Covid in the UK, deaths have dropped to a 7 week low.

Recently released figures show only 33 deaths in the past 24 hours, which is the lowest since 26 were recorded on August 16th of this year.

Whilst deaths are low, how is the community infection rate going? This is where the news is also good, with a lower figure of 35,077 also recorded…much lower than last week’s 37,960.

Potential Delta Fly In The Ointment

This good news comes on the back of some not so good news…new Delta variant cases have doubled in the last few weeks, leading some to believe that the variant could circumnavigate Covid vaccines.

And with Delta being the leading strain of the virus, the new variant of Delta , called E484K, has caused anxiety among professionals because there is a belief that the new mutation, with it’s extra part of it’s genetic makeup, could mean that existing vaccines might not be effective. Why would this be a problem?

How The New Variant Could Prove Difficult To Suppress

When there are new variants, with differing features, the result can be that the antibodies in our bodies that the vaccine stimulate, may lose potency. Whilst the vaccine would still stimulate necessary antibodies, their results may not be as effective.

This new variant of Delta, the E484K containing variant, has already shown a track record of being more able to resist the vaccine. This has been shown by the Beta variant, which also carries E484K. 

Whilst the number of cases with the new variant are low, 33 cases up to September 27th, they have actually doubled from the amount reported just 2 weeks earlier.

Further Concerns

As well, as the arrival of the Delta + 484K variant, an additional point of concern has been the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. This vaccine, according to a report in the Sun, has certain implications with a blood clotting condition.

The ‘Upshot’ Of The Recent News on Covid

What To Take Away From It All

Drugs Regulators in Europe acknowledge that there will be side effects from the vaccines. However, they insist that the benefits outweigh the risks, and that serious results from the jab are only present in a very small number of people.

So, today’s lower death and infection rate is generally good news. Whilst, there are still roadblocks ahead, the fact that very few people will die from Covid infection, at this point, allows a certain normality of life for UK folk to continue.

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