Covid Plan C - 4 Things You Should Know

The Government has started preparing for rules on ‘Plan C’ restrictions which could be become an unwelcome present in the New Year if Omicron continues to spread, according to some sources.

This new ‘Plan C’ would be a tightening on what has been seen in current restrictions in at least 4 ways. They are:

  • Reintroduction of the NHS Covid check in app for pubs and restaurants
  • Compulsory wearing of face makes in ALL indoor areas.
  • Use of Vaccine Passports for even more venues.
  • The return of 10 days self isolation for those who are contacts of positive cases.

Hot On The Heels Of Plan B

With Plan B’s first instalment delivered today, meaning that theatres, cinemas and churches must now abide by compulsory face mask usage, the whispers of Plan C point towards a more restrictive outlook for 2022.

And, things are not done yet..with remote working guidelines coming into force at the start of next week, followed by a vote on introducing vaccine passports in large venues and night clubs.

The Prime Minister flagged on Wednesday that further restrictions were not ruled out – including the option of a lockdown – if the newly introduced Plan B failed to halt the rise of cases in the next few weeks.

Even though the ink is not yet dry on ‘Plan B’, experts and authorities are planning ahead to further increase restrictions according to sources such as Metro and the Daily Mail.

Even though venues such as pubs, restaurants, gyms and school classrooms are currently exempt from compulsory face masks, this could be revised as part of the planning.

Perhaps the most noticeable option though, is to reintroduce the collection of contact details for all customers by hospitality venues. This would be seen as assisting the NHS Test and Trace system, and result in increased isolation of close contacts.

The upshot of this would be revisiting compulsory ‘check-ins’ by using the NHS app or by written means.

The self isolating requirement, which was scrapped last summer could return. It has already been revisited for those who are close contacts of Omicron cases, but may be introduced for even those who are double jabbed too.

Plan B was initially going to include these restrictions, but these were blocked by ministers at the time and could now be initiated as part of a ‘Plan C’.

The compulsory 10-day isolation met stiff resistance previously because it’s previous usage caused a ‘pingdemic’, which led to causing thousands of people to miss work and also delaying food deliveries and staff shortages in many areas.

However, as the Daily Mail says, a controversy list leader is the use of vaccine passports in a sweeping number of new areas.

Whilst there is no definitive list at this time, it has been rumoured to include pubs, bars and restaurants too.

This would be a significant up scale on Plan B, where the use of passports was quite limited, and mostly for venues where more than 500 are in attendance.

Some scientists are concerned that the measures in Plan B will be insufficient to stop the spread of Omicron – but increasing restrictions further will be met with stiff resistance from the Business Sector and some politicians.

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