West Ham manager David Moyes has asked for clearer guidelines from the Premier League in terms of what would be needed for a game to be called off. 

The Hammers have steered as clear as possible from the coronavirus as the cases spike this month. 

However, Moyes did confirm that two members of the club staff had tested positive with some players “involved” with the outbreak. 

 Speaking to the Evening Standard, Moyes made it clear what he wants: “The players are involved in it as well but I’ve said in the main we’re in a really good place with it.

 “I couldn’t say we’re badly affected by it. But we have had Covid and we’re trying our best to get rid of it.”

 Moyes added: “We’re probably thinking it’s nearly impossible that we will have a game called off, we’d need to have nearly a complete wipe-out here, because they’ve added all our young players onto it.

“So you’re getting punished and I’m not sure that’s correct.

“You know, some clubs have been able to shut down and get periods to get it right, yet if you have three or four or five cases which we’ve seen, some clubs have been made to play in recent weeks, with three, four or five cases.

“It’s more the uncertainty around the team than anything else. Now if you’re told to shut down there is no uncertainty. It’s clear, concise, you won’t be playing for 10 days, you’ll be isolating and we’ll bring you back when the time is ready.

“But other clubs are getting three or four or five cases around the club, you’re finding that that’s the uncertainty. And I think that’s the bit which is not clear.”


West Ham are notorious for their player development, their academy system has produced some of England’s best players in the likes of Rio Ferdinand, Joe Cole, Frank Lampard and John Terry. 

Moyes has been able to use eight academy prospects throughout competitions as they look to replicate this success – blooding their youngsters early. But this has led to a huge problem for West Ham

The Premier League have stated that if a club has at least 14 players available, including a goalkeeper, the game must go ahead. This includes the Irons youngsters that have had cameos throughout the season which is completely unfair. 

An extra eight players available for the Hammers makes it much harder for their games to be postponed due to covid.

They might now be forced into playing players who simply aren’t ready, which could be detrimental to their season which started so well. 

It is typical that West Ham are essentially being punished by the new Premier League rules for investing in their youth. 

In other West Ham news, West Ham’s Mark Noble could face Spurs for the last time ahead of cup clash.

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