McDonalds welcomes the Chicken Big Mac

McDonalds love reinvention. Just when we get tired of the same old hash browns or Big Macs, they spice up the menu, introducing new guests, some permanent, some just visiting….

And, when it comes to change, McDonald’s has been making some big changes to its UK menu lately. Some of those decisions have been welcomed, some not so much. As an example, many turned a little bit sour when they heard that the good old Breakfast Wraps, and the Breakfast Bagels were soon to be no more.

One thing that the mega fast food giant hopes will be received more positively, is the addition of a new and hopefully loved member of the team. What is it?


Don’t Be Chicken, Head South For Ideas!


How do you decide what guest deserves a place at your menu table? See what has worked elsewhere..something McDonalds do well in their intensive marketing and product selection.

As such, when Macca’s say how well their Chicken Big Mac did way down south in Australia, they thought that it was a reasonably safe bet to add it to menus up here too! And so, with much fanfare, you will be pleased to know(or otherwise) that the Chicken Big Mac will be gracing our lunches from next week, February 2nd!


What’s In It?


Of course, we all know what is in a Big Mac. However, when it comes to the Chicken Big Mac, there are just one, or rather two, differences.

Instead of two beef patties, you can now get your Big Mac with two crispy chicken breast patties, together with the traditional slice of cheese, lettuce, pickles and, of the salivatingly good, Big Mac sauce all nestled in the traditional three-layered buns.



More A Guest Than A New Member Of The Family


Just when you thought it was safe to change your eating habits, there is some bad news.

The Chicken Big Mac isn’t staying long. In fact, it will only be here until Tuesday, March 15.

But, don’t worry, the Chicken guest has some friends coming too! Macca’s will also be welcoming back the Double Big Mac, the Chicken Legend, and those delicious Mozzarella Dippers. But wait, there’s more!

In case you think that your main course will be the only change to your diet, how about some new treats for afters?

Dessert new guests include the Galaxy Chocolate McFlurry and the Galaxy Salted Caramel McFlurry. So, rather than a guest or two, McDonalds have a veritable posse of outlaws riding back into town.

McDonald’s will take these changes to all good branches in Ireland and the UK. So, there goes the post holiday season diet once more! Time for a new resolution..or at least to forget we made the first one!


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