Ahead of the release of her exciting new album on November 30, Adele is putting in the hard yards for her fans!

How so? Adele has immersed herself in showing the best she has, from amazing photoshoots with Vogue with her down to earth honesty, to a new single – Easy On Me, which could well be the number one of the year on the charts.

And who can forget the amazing Instagram Live?

Just when you thought that the singer couldn’t offer more, she has now announced a TV programme, Adele One Night Only, which will combine a sure to thrill chat with Oprah, together with her top notch performances!

But if you need more details on her upcoming TV Special, here’s more to excite!

What will Adele One Night Only Deliver and how to view it?

The eagerly anticipated Adele One Night Only was at first little more than whispers, with some snippets of information on Instagram, on Monday. What were those whispers? The singer uploaded a promo shot announcing a production on CBS just five days before the release of her new album 30.

Fortunately, we now know more! The show will be a special, lasting 2 hours, and airing on CBS at 8.30pm Eastern Time. However, for those of us in the UK, this information is not yet aimed at us, since we have received no details yet.

Adele One Night Only will cover a lot of bases, as it will include an interview, and the opportunity to hear some of hear new material. This will surely be an event that is going to be one of the events of the year…especially for fans of the 33 year old singer.

Offering a combination of Adele classics and soon to be released tracks, Adele will also give an exclusive interview with Oprah, arguably the most captivating interviewers of the modern era. Oprah is known for getting great information, so this interview will be one to watch!

Things To Expect from Adele One Night Only?

Adding more to the quality of the upcoming interview with Oprah, the announcement spoke of what to expect, declaring that it will be:

‘first televised wide-ranging conversation about her new album, the stories behind the songs, life after divorce, weight loss and raising her son’.

To add further promise to the interview, it will also be held in the same rose garden where Oprah stunned us with her Prince Harry and Meghan Markle interview..so we are expecting similarly quality revelations.I

Although there is no nominated UK broadcaster at this point, a deal won’t be far away, given the quality of what is on offer!

Although Covid has delayed ‘solid plans’ for a tour, this upcoming event will be the singer’s way of staying in touch with her fans, who will likely demand..and receive the best that Adele has to offer.

And, with regards to touring, Adele is working on a few options, however she doesn’t want to be in the position to again cancel dates as she did in 2017…What are those options? She would only share, tongue in cheek, that ‘maybe (she’ll be) busking in the Tube!

Adele One Night Only premiere on CBS on November 14.  


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