The recent crisis shows no signs of abating with winter just around the corner. And now, authorities may be willing to authorise foreign truck drivers to London as the petrol shortage grows.

Recent reports say that Prime Minister Boris Johnson has agreed an influx of 5,000 foreign lorry drivers to enter Britain on short-term visas.

This turn around in policy follows a closure of 20 petrol stations by BP and a rationing of fuel in as many as 100 sites.

And, just in case people are tempted to stockpile jerry cans with fuel to stave off their own shortage, the EG Group, has put a limit of £30 maximum fuel purchases in it’s 400 service stations. So, it appears that the short supply will face a mild rationing in order to stop Londoners from storing fuel and riding out the storm.

As the crisis intensified, a holiday season shortage was deemed ‘inevitable’ unless the shortage of truck drivers can find a resolution within the next week and a half or so. Ministers have also been warned that there could be a know on effect in other sectors such as the postal service, waste collection, water purification, and even medical supplies.

Short Term Visas The Solution?

So, with the warnings flowing, the latest tack has been to grant up to 5000 temporary visas for foreign truck drivers in order to prevent the crisis.

However, despite a sector of the job market which is traditionally one that is hungry for more employment opportunities, truck drivers will likely wait to see the ‘fine print’ before committing to upping stakes and temporarily relocating to the UK.

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