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With Frank Lampard about to possibly take the Everton job, it appears that he is already formulating a team that can challenge the biggest and the best.

And now, with Chelsea hoping to catch up and challenge Manchester City for the title, it has been reported that Lampard could be about to poach a key member of Thomas Tuchel’s backroom team.


What’s The Latest On Lampard?


43-year-old Lampard is set to return to top flight action after he was offered the Everton manager’s job on Friday, seemingly having taken pole position for the Everton job. After his loss of the Chelsea job, and subsequent replacement by Thomas Tuchel, could Lampard have the last laugh by taking one of Chelsea’s best back room team members?

Despite having been ‘unemployed’ since the loss of the Chelsea job, Lampard has either refused, or not been given the top job at Palace, Norwich and Newcastle.

And, despite being a Chelsea man at heart, Lampard has reportedly won over Everton, and now only his own refusal can stop him from being appointed.


Lampard’s Team


Of course, if Frank Lampard is to take over the top job at Everton, he will need a team to work with…and quickly. Whilst he could just continue using Duncan Ferguson and the current staff, it appears that he has already made moves to put his own stamp on the coaching there.

Accordion to The Athletic, Lampard wants has taken aim at Anthony Barry, hoping to make him a key member of his team at Goodison Park. This though, is not expected to go down well with Tuchel, who reportedly will make every effort possible to keep him at Chelsea. However, because of Lampard’s connections, it may be hard to resist Frank’s overtures. This, though, could be followed by another import.

Lampard is also reportedly making Gareth Southgate’s No.2, Steve Holland a target. However, and surprisingly, there is one name that isn’t apparently on his ‘hit list’..that of Jody Morris, whom Lampard has worked with at two clubs(Derby and Chelsea).


Why Frank Lampard?


The Toffees have been linked with a number of names since Rafa Benitez left, most notably, Vitor Pereira, who was expected to take the job, before a fan backlash, and a response that was not universally well received, put paid to those plans.

And, despite the linking of names such as Wayne Rooney and Roberto Martinez, both of whom were apparently not available at this time, Lampard has jumped to the front of the queue for the job.

Rooney, in particular, seemed destined for the job, before turning it down, as he revealed in comments made during one interview, where he said:


Everton approached my agent and asked me to interview for the job…But I turned it down. I believe I will be a Premier League manager and I am ready for that 100 per cent. But I have a job at Derby, which is important to me.’


Everton will be at pains to emphasise that Lampard is not the best of those who haven’t refused the job. And, in Lampard, they have a youthful manager who leads with passion and experience.

Despite this, if results don’t come quickly for the former Chelsea great, his lack of experience, and managerial record, could be weapons that could be used to undermine his position. The Everton fans deserve, and demand, results. Let’s hope Lampard has discovered a formula that can motivate a talented team to fulfil their potential. Otherwise, Lampard could find the Everton job a poisoned chalice, in the same way that the vastly experienced Benitez did when things head South.


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