Rape victims aren’t always able to receive counselling due to soaring cases.

As an unwanted record – there has been an all time high number of rape cases in the last year to June, with 61,158.

According to Metro.co.uk sexual offences of all types hit a record too with 164,763 cases, a rise of 8% over last year, in figures released from the Office for National Statistics (ONS).

And the unwelcome records keep coming with, a new high in rapes reported in a three-month period between April and June, coinciding with the UK emerging from the second lockdown.

Sadly Rape Crisis noted that some victims may have to wait two years to receive specialist counselling services, a service used by 75,000 people in the 12 months until March.

Rape Crisis said that 9,947 people had joined their waiting list in figures up to March, a figure which is more than 200% higher than the figure of 4,961 which occurred four years ago.

Financial pressures mean that some centres were turning cases away – a sad reflection of the record number of cases.

Extra Funding

An increase in funding for victim support services in the region of 85% over the coming four years was declared last week, a move which will help the overwhelmed counsellors.

But Policing Minister Kit Malthouse has said that convictions for rapes is ‘disgracefully low’.

Despite the rising number of cases, CPS figures declare that 1,439 suspects were convicted of rape or other sexual offenceslast year – which is down from 1,925 the previous year.

In terms of percentages, the figures also show how few convictions are being registered with just 1.4% of recorded rape offences and 3.2% of sexual offences leading to a summons or charges laid.

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