Cleaning Tips That Will Save Your Sanity!


Drinking water is all the rage these days, what with health kicks and knowledge becoming abundant, and maybe you have got your own sipping routine too!

Drink bottles make keeping your fluid intake an easy task, but there are one or two obstacles…..

Your once pristine water bottle now looks anything but healthy. Rather, the stained look makes it look like a breeding vessel for bacteria. But, what can you do?

The many discarded bottles to be seen in your local park are not the solution..there is a better way!


Don’t Throw It…Clean It!


A great article in Metro explains how one lady has shown how you can rejuvenate your water bottle without using a lot of time…or money.

Molly East, 22, employed this easy hack to remove green stains from her pets’ water bottles, but it will actually work for you too!

Do you remember Mum’s old tips? Well, it seems one of them actually might just do the trick with your water bottles. So, how is it done?


Not Past It..Pasta It!


It might seem strange but pasta may be the key to a rejuvenated water bottle. But how? Here goes!

  • Put some water in the bottle
  • Add five pieces or Penne Pasta(dried variety)
  • Shake vigorously

Sounds easy? It is, but why does it work?

Molly says:

‘It works by the pasta hitting the sides and picking up the greenness at the same time,’ 

As unlikely a solution as it may seem, the trick cleaned the bottle a treat. Maybe you should give it a go too?


According to Metro, Molly shared the trick on Facebook, saying:


‘A trick I learnt from my mum a little bit of water and dried pasta give a shake and gets rid of all green from an animal water bottle in seconds – you literally only need like 5 bits of pasta nothing extreme.’


One person mentioned that you can actually vary the recipe, simply use egg shells or uncooked rice – let us know if you had equally good results!


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