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Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang has already revealed one regret in his contract termination with Arsenal, declaring “I’m sad..” to Arsenal fans.thanked

After it was made clear that Auba no longer was in the good books at the Gunners, his contract was torn up minutes before Monday’s transfer deadline, and will almost certainly join Barcelona on a free transfer.

Whilst no contract appeared to have been signed prior to the deadline, the cancelling of the contract meant that Barcelona could sign the now ex-Arsenal striker at a more leisurely pace. However, the wait is not expected to be long, with  Barca hoping to officially unveil their latest striker on Wednesday morning.

How his exit was viewed…


Opinions were massively divided as to whether terminating the contract was a good move. Here are a selection of quotes:


All the best bro…

Mesut Ozil on Instagram

Straight after he signed that contact, he wasn’t the same player anymore.

Emmanuel Petit via

“One goal in the whole of January and we sell our best striker for NOTHING with no replacement. Madness.”

Piers Morgan on Twitter

‘So I wish him good luck, because I think for both parties Aubameyang needed to leave. For his sake, for his footballing sake, but also for Arsenal’s sake.’

Rio Ferdinand



Ferdinand Said It Best


Rio Ferdinand believes that letting Auba go is a good result for ‘both parties’. Whilst Arsenal were hoping that their investment in Aubameyang would pay richer dividends, once this was not going to be the case, Ferdinand said it best, highlighting that both parties can now move on, and cut ties.

However, what did Aubameyang himself have to say on the matter? As expected, he wasn’t going to leave without a goodbye..even if he claims that Arsenal didn’t give him the chance to offer one. So, he took to Instagram, where he said:


‘I’m sad I did not get the chance to help my teammates in the last few weeks, but I have nothing but respect for this club and truly wish all my guys and the fans all the best and many successful years in the future! Love, Auba.’



Love him, or glad that he’s gone, he achieved a lot over his 4 years with the club, during which time Aubameyang scoredd 92 goals in 163 matches in all competitions and helped the side win the FA Cup.

And, if the latest tweet from Arsenal..and reply from AUBAMEYANG himself are anything to go by, the love is still there:



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