Throughout an her interview on Sweet O’Terry‘s podcast Nation Music Success Tales in 2020, Naomi talked about having her first daughter, Wynonnya, after being”date raped” by a soccer participant when she was 18 years previous.

“I obtained pregnant the primary time I had intercourse,” Naomi stated. “Three months later, after I known as him to inform him to say I believed I used to be pregnant, he stated, ‘Properly, powerful luck kiddo,’ and he hung up the telephone and we by no means heard from him.”

4 years later, Naomi stated, she was overwhelmed and raped by an drug-addicted ex-boyfriend who broke into her house.

“He slapped me throughout the face,” she shared. “He tortured me and he beat me actual dangerous after which he raped me after which he took a shot of heroin, and when he took a second dose of heroin he handed out, so I took the women and went to the sheriff station.”

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