It seems impossible to believe, given their massive resources, but Facebook and Instagram have reportedly gone down for a second time within one week! Despite suffering the ignominy of a 7 hour outage on Monday, the Social Media giants have left tens of thousands of UK folk without their favourite platforms for a second time, according to Metro Newspaper.

Information provide by Downdetector, a go-to outage tracking website, reports have been surfacing from all over the UK, that once again accessing FB and Instagram has been limited…or impossible. How serious, though, has this second outage been?

The Numbers Who Were Affected By Facebook And Instagrams Second Outage In Only One Week?

It is true that you or we may not have been personally affected by this second outage, why? If you had problems accessing Facebook, you would likely have been only 1 out of 2000 who were in this situation, as of Friday 8pm.

So, you may think, 2000 is not too many. And you would be correct, however, FB oversees Instagram…where the situation was significantly worse. As of 7pm on Friday, more than 30,000 people had connectivity issues. So, the average London person may not have noticed the outage unless they were on Instagram. Despite the outage, this second problem had some comparatively good news. What was that?

With the number of affected users in the thousands for the platforms, the add-ons fared somewhat better. Facebook Messenger reported only approx 800 complaints, making the issue mostly one relating to the main sites. But, what kind of outages were they?

What Kind Of Outage May You Have Experienced?

Officially, the problem relates to access. But what does that mean to us or you? Take a look at the outage in more specific ways:

  • The instagram app fared badly with 60% of those who had issues complaining of problems with the app.
  • Only 23%, a fairly low figure, of those reporting issues, had a connection problem with the server.
  • Another low figure was the 17% of complaints who reported issues with trying to refresh feeds on the sites.
  • In a similar way to the Instagram App, the The Facebook App had a reported 44% of complaints relating to not being able to use the app.
  • A significant total of 44% of complaints relating to accessing the FB main site.
  • A lowish figure of 12% of complaints mentioned that their servers had ‘stopped working’.

What Has Been The Response From Facebook?

What do you do when Facebook is not working, go to Twitter! And Facebook repeated that action again to keep their customers updated. They tweeted:

“We’re aware that some people are having trouble accessing our apps and products…We’re working to get things back to normal as quickly as possible and we apologize for any inconvenience.”

In a similar way, Instagram had this to say:

“We know some of you may be having some issues using Instagram right now…We’re so sorry and are working as quickly as possible to fix.”

The Problems Have Declined..Somewhat

So, whilst it is embarrassing to the Tech giants that an outage has occurred, the issues were significantly less that Monday’s fiasco.

In comparison to the billions of users affected earlier in the week, this problem was limited to thousands. And, whilst Monday’s outage included WhatsApp, the most recent outage ‘only’ affected FB and Instagram. So, it could well be that you may not have even noticed the latest Tech blip.

Why has this problem reoccurred? No official word yet, however we were informed that Monday’s outage related to ‘routine maintenance problems’, which is at least positive, in that it is not an indicator of a growing cybercrime wave. But, given some moderately good news, there is still a question:

If Today’s problems were just because of routine maintenance, how can platforms with vast resources have allowed them to re-occur?

Our Thoughts

How can a global mega giant like Facebook lack the sufficient safeguards to prevent ‘routine maintenance problems’? It seems incredible that this could occur, yet that is the explanation given.

Facebook has taken a leading line in Social Media development, so how could ‘routine’ problems have occurred? A few possible questions need to be asked:

  • Has there been the hiring of new..or cheaper contractors who cut corners, or are unfamiliar with the logistics?
  • Are the issues solely related to routine maintenance, or have security issues such as data breaches arisen? And,
  • This situation has now arisen twice, what steps has Facebook taken to prevent a third outage?

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