Whilst it is true that Lionel Messi has pretty much been a Spanish football maestro for his entire career..with the exception of PSG…he has made some astute observations on his impressions of the English Premier League.

Under what circumstances did Messi comment on the EPL? Whilst giving an interview with Spanish publication ‘Marca’, Messi was drawn into a conversation as to how he feels that Ronaldo has adapted to rejoining Manchester United. In so doing, what did the little Maestro say about the English Premier League?

It Is Not…First Observation

The English Premier League has the reputation of being the best Football league in the World. Now, especially given that Barca and Real have come off the boil, and with English teams dominating Champions League honours, that reputation has been strongly reinforced. But is that the way that Messi sees it? This is what he had to say:

In the Premier League it is not as good as we all thought


So, according to Messi, the EPL is not as good as perceptions would lead us to believe…an opinion that will surely not resonate well with UK fans who will likely scream ‘Liverpool and Chelsea have won the Champions League..where is Barca lately?’.

Well, I guess we have to take it on face value. There are few Football connoisseurs as knowledgeable as Messi, so maybe there is still some room for improvement for the EPL…

Very Difficult…Second Observation

It might seem that Messi is about to launch into a rant about the negatives of the EPL, especially given his longevity in Spain. However, Messi’s opinion is quite balanced, and he now offers a positive view of the League. He said:

it is a very difficult and even competition

When we consider how the top six have changed somewhat in recent years, and how the League championship has see-sawed between the North and South of England, Messi offers an astute insight..that the league is very competitive.

Whilst the likes of Arsenal and Spurs have faltered in recent times, they are now well stocked to challenge again. And, the EPL is already very competitive, so Messi’s observation is a positive..that the EPL is a league that demands exceptional standards in order to succeed.

Lastly…The Third Observation

So far, we have had one somewhat negative appraisal and one positive. So who comes out on top..the negatives or the positives?

Fortunately for those of us who love the English Premier League, Messi ends his thoughts with a positive..he said:

things take a lot of turns. 

Not only does Messi note the competitiveness of the English Premier League, but he also notes that nothing can be taken for granted. Take for instance, Leicester’s League Championship under Ranieri. That win was so unexpected that the odds offered a rare chance to break the bank.

So, Messi is right. The English Premier League cannot be taken for granted, whoever wins this year may not do the same again the following year..and even intra-season flips and turns are quite common.

This unpredictable nature is fantastic! It means that this League is enthralling, gripping, and well worth following.

So, thank you Messi for your observations! Whilst we think that the EPL IS as good as we all thought, we thank you for the appreciation that you show nonetheless for what we consider to be the best league in the World!

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