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Mason Mount says that he is struggling to focus on his performances after Chelsea supremo Roman Abramovich was sanctioned by the UK government, and says that it has ‘not been easy’ for the Chelsea squad.

Despite winning their match last night in an emphatic way, there is considerable uncertainty about the future of Chelsea, and by implication, the whole of British Football, due to restrictions going forward for the European Champions.


Long Time Owner And Motivator Now Part Of Chelsea History…


Abramovich, who was initially not sanctioned by the UK, found all of his assets frozen by the UK authorities in the last day or so – part of which is his beloved Chelsea Football Club.

The move is designed to prevent Abramovich, and other Russian identities – who are said to be close to Russian President Vladimir Putin, from being able to invest in, or make money from, the UK.

On one of the darkest periods in the club’s 117-year history, Mount not only scored but also contributed an assist as Chelsea flattened Norwich City 3-1 at Carrow Road.

Speaking about how the team at Chelsea is feeling, Blues academy graduate Mount said:


‘It’s not been easy, of course….We see what’s happening behind the scenes and everything that’s going on, it can be hard to focus…But I think we’ve been brilliant, especially today. With everything that’s happening off the pitch, for us to stay focused and stay on the ball to win this game, I thought we were brilliant….We just need to focus on what we can do on the pitch, that’s our only goal.’



The England international added to BBC Sport:


‘You can’t really avoid it as there’s a lot going on. We have to focus on what we do on the pitch…We had a game today and that was the only thing we could focus on. We did that today so now it’s about Sunday. You try not to look too much into it.’




The Death Of Chelsea?


With one outlet reporting that Chelsea FC have wage demands of 28 million pounds per month, and a last known reported bank balance of 16 million pounds, the future would, at first glance, appear very grim for Chelsea.

With Abramovich not able to sell the club, and no income of note being allowed, it should, at first glance, seem that Chelsea could be in administration in only a couple of weeks..however, this is not necessarily the case.

UK ministers have highlighted the cultural importance of Football..and they don’t come much bigger than the European Champions. So, the prospect of losing Chelsea would appear to be highly improbable. If that is the case, what is the likely outcome?


Since there is no shortage of suitors for the successful club, a sale for Chelsea could still be on the cards..albeit a sale that doesn’t benefit Abramovich. Therefore, what could be a possible solution would be the government hastily allowing the sale of the club, with the proceeds going towards a fund for humanitarian or other needs…a goal that Abramovich himself touted prior to the sanctions.

Whatever solution is found, Chelsea won last night, and seemingly will have many more wins ahead of them….

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