With her time as the Doctor coming to an end,Jodie Whittaker has said that her exit will be ‘filled with a lot of grief’.

Despite 4 special episodes to be show in autumn 2022, a year away from now…Whittaker is already contemplating her time as TARDIS maesto ending. Even before the four specials next year, Doctor Who fans will still have a feast, with series 13 due to begin on October 31 with Flux.

The interesting thing about series 13 is that Flux will have an ongoing story line, instead of a procession of individual adventures.

As well as the departure of the first female Doctor, the show will also lose Chris Chibnall, who worked as Showrunner.

In commenting on the changes Jodie said:

‘You have to honour the show and to honour everything. Me and Chris, there was this thing of like, “We want to do three seasons”…But no-one holds you to that so there was always a conversation, it was always fluid. But when you commit to that decision.’..This Doctor is Chris’s Doctor so for me it is right, but if everyone comes up to you forever going, “I’m a Doctor Who fan” then that is an absolute joy because it has been such a pleasure…But it is also letting go of it. It will be very… I feel like I will be filled with a lot of grief for it because I kind of… Even thinking about it, it makes me upset. But this show needs new energy..The Doctor, the joy of this part is you hand on your boots – and you hand them on. And I don’t know who, but whoever that is, what a thing to go, “You are going to have a right time”.’

According to Metro, Whittaker described her final day on set by saying:

‘You know what I’m like – I’m a crier. I had to do my final [backstage interview] today. We haven’t finished filming so I can avoid the thoughts a bit more…But obviously with the behind-the-scenes stuff, it was in that slightly concluding way and, ‘Can you tell us how you feel about the crew?’ and then I just lost it…I was just crying my eyes out, absolutely gone. I always knew this is the best time I will ever have on a job. I have felt like that from the start of it.’

Who will be the new regen?

Whilst no official announcement has yet been made, several names have been raised speculatively as to who will take Jodie’s place as chief time traveller.

Amongst the names currently at the top of the speculative list, are:

Olly Alexander, Michaela Coel and Richard Ayoade.

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Doctor Who: Flux can be seen on BBC One on October 31.

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