Manchester City fans were not going to have their spirits dampened despite losing to West Ham at London Stadium.

Even though they were at the losing end on the night – City fans used the occasion to mock Manchester United and it’s fans with a humorous “Ole’s at the wheel” chant.

Despite the humourThe Hammers were the ones who were laughing after the final whistle, beating defending champions Manchester City 5-3 on penalties after 0-0 in normal time, but they at least enjoyed a laugh at United’s expense.

Telegraph’s Jason Burt wrote on his Twitter account:

“At West Ham where the Man City fans are delighting in singing: Ole’s at the wheel.”

Kick The Red Devils When They Are Down!

Manchester United fans have been accused of arrogance by other supporters due to their dominance over many years but this time they were getting some of their own medicine!

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s stock has clearly gone south with fans of the Manchester club…but his trials have also made United a laughing stock for rival fans too.

It is not clear if Hammers fans sided with the City fans in their chants but given how United are suffering right now it’s not beyond probability that they did.

Regarding the game, it was a gritty display from David Moyes and his men and they have deservedly established themselves as a London powerhouse in the last year or so.

Moyes rotated 8 players in as expected. Yet his work ethic and motivation proved key as he knocked out the club that has dominated this competition for some years now.

Moyes demands one thing, that squad members show the pride that belongs in playing for the Hammers , and they left nothing out on the pitch!

And now on to the next round!

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