Knife and Gun crime drops despite the fact that lockdown has now ended.

Whilst it is understandable for crime rates to drop when lockdown is in force, the rate has stayed low despite the end of the restrictions, a very positive piece of good news during these unsettled times.

What Do The Latest Statistics Show?

So, how much has this type of crime dropped? According to the BBC:

Knife crime was down 32% in August 2021 compared to August 2019, while both robbery and gun offences fell by nearly 40%.”

So, according to the BBC, over the last two years, knife and gun crime have dropped between 30 and 40%. However, this two year measurement is slightly different to the figures year on year. Has the yearly change been as positive?

According to The Ben Kinsella Trust, there have been 4 successive quarters of reduction in the figures, citing a year on year decrease of 15% up to March 2021. Sounds positive doesn’t it. However, there is also another part of the statistics that is not as welcomed.

According to the same report, there has worryingly been a 29% increase in the figures for England and Wales since 2011. So, what these figures are saying is that there has been improvement in recent times, however the long term statistics remain elevated when considered by decade..or longer periods of time. So, how does this affect future stats.

What Does This Say For The Future For Knife And Gun Crime?

Clearly, there has been a rising trend for knife and gun crime in the modern era. However, there has now developed a clear downward trend in this type of crime. Why is that?

This fall in crime is no random event. According to The Met Police it has occurred due to a “summer campaign of violence suppression activity”. This ‘summer campaign’ meant that 4978 arrests, together with number plate recognition for suspects, had dented the ability for these crimes to occur.

Therefore, if the downward trend in knife and gun crime is to continue, it will require continued high levels of observation, intervention, and planning. These factors are the result of a well equipped Metropolitan Police Force. Whether the Force continues to be well equipped is the domain of authorities, both local, and nationally.

However, given that there continues to be a well equipped Police Force, the welcome drop in reported knife and gun crimes could be a trend that will establish…and continue for some time!

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