Staff Shelter…Shots Fired

According to multiple media outlets today, a knifeman terror event caused chaos at a Bristol Petrol Station.

According to the Metro, staff were forced to shelter in a safe room, and shots were fired during the standoff with authorities.

When and Where?

This incident, which took place at Morrisons Daily in Hengrove Way, Bristol, began at around 7.30am this morning, and following a hefty influx of armed officers according to the BBC, was over by 10.30am, when a man in his 50’s was taken into custody.

The negotiations with the accused lasted a couple of hours, before the man’s arrest, when armed police entered the premises, an entry which led to the ‘shots’ being fired.

The impact to surrounding services was mostly felt by commuters, First Bus warning of lengthy delays at the time.

Were There Any Fatalities Or Injuries

Despite the reports of shots being fired, the knifeman terror in Bristol did not lead to any fatalities. However, there was one casualty with non-life threatening injuries, a man in his 20’s.

As is always the case, despite the absence of fatalities and serious bodily harm, the emotional impact on staff, who were forced to shelter, will likely become evident in the next few days.

The suspect was led away himself in an ambulance, however, no injuries have yet been disclosed, and the man is being assessed by health professionals.

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