London New Years Eve celebrations have been cancelled again due to ‘uncertainties caused by Covid’ according to Metro.

However, don’t despair! Another separate event could yet happen in Trafalgar Square, meaning that 2022 could still being with a bang!

Since there have been no restrictions on larger events since July, why has this step been taken? With a usual surge expected during winter months, organisers are taking the precautionary step.

Mayor Sadiq Khan’s office are reported to have said:

This year, as always, London will be welcoming the new year in a spectacular way…Due to the uncertainty caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, our world-famous New Year’s Eve display will not be held on the banks of the Thames this year…Last year’s successful show took place in a slightly different way due to the pandemic, and this year a number of exciting new options are being considered as part of our New Year’s Eve celebrations in London. Further details of this year’s celebration will be announced in due course…This year, as always, London will be welcoming the new year in a spectacular way.’

Despite this year’s easing of restrictions, a second missed main event follows on the heels of last years, when the Alpha variant wreaked havoc around the country. This year though, the event is cancelled in anticipation of, not because of an existing surge.

If last year’s cancellation sets the pattern for this year, then people will be encouraged to focus on celebrating with family or friends instead of gathering in mass.

The announcement will likely shock and surprise many, given that the Government and scientists have repeatedly reassured the UK that further restrictions will probably not be required this winter, given that the vaccine roll-out has been so successful. 

However, that assurance is not to be taken as an ‘iron-clad’ guarantee, because the vaccines immunity wavers, and the NHS is unsure of how far they will be stretched in what is usually a busy time of year.

A Tradition For More Than 20 Years

The recent cancellations have broken A New Year’s Eve fireworks tradition that dates back in London to 1999, when the new millenium was ushered in.

Since then, the event has been held most of the time, usually celebrating major events that occurred within the year, including the Olympics and the Queen’s Jubilee.

The event, which takes usually just under a year to implement, therefore requires sufficient notice to proceed. This year’s uncertainty throws a spanner firmly in those plans.

It has then been held in most years since with displays that often celebrated major events of the year including the Olympics, Queen’s jubilee and centenary of women being given the vote. 

The then mayor Boris Johnson controversially introduced a £10 charge for tickets in 2014-15 and the number of people allowed in official viewing areas was capped after tens of thousands of people attended in previous years. 

Organisers said the display in London ‘typically takes just under a year to plan and organise, and to recruit the required number of stewards and security.’

There is still hope for a different event in Trafalgar Square, according to  MyLondon . This could include films, music, dance…even alcohol.

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