Today’s announcement that Police Commissioner, Cressida Dick will receive a contract extension for two more years, is something that will polarise opinions. Some people feel strongly that the endorsement of a woman for an extended period in such a senior position is a sign of positive change. Others feel that the controversies that have arisen during this tenure mean that they would have been happier welcoming a change at the top.

Despite this, the service of Cressida Dick is feted to run until 2024, when the 60 year old Met Police Commissioner will once again face the prospect of life of a more normal kind. The Met Police Officer, according to the BBC, was grateful for the extension, saying:

“I am immensely honoured and humbled to have been asked to extend my time as commissioner for a further two years. 

“In the last four and a half years Met teams have dealt with some extraordinary challenges, including most recently in the pandemic, and delivered some fantastic results – critically, in reducing violent crimes.

“I’d like to thank the mayor, the home secretary and the prime minister for the confidence they have shown in me. I am acutely aware that there are many excellent leaders in policing.”

Here are 3 things that you may not know about Cressida Dick:

1. Her Portrait

When a Police Commissioner serves, they have the opportunity to have a portrait, commemorating their service. Dick’s portrait, which took 20 hours to complete, is one of 27. This portrait hangs at Hendon Police College alongside 26 others.

The Commissioner’s portrait, whilst one of 27, is the only one that is not of a man. And, in recognition of this feat, the unveiling of her portrait was done to coincide with as part of celebrations marking the centenary of the first woman joining the Met, according to Wikipedia.

2. The Extension Is Remarkable In Itself!

Considering that Cressida Dick has now received a 2 year extension to her tenure is not something that is routine, or even likely, why? Mostly because it bucks the trend in recent times.

Consider the length of the term of the police commissioner, which is five years. Even though the office of Commissioner is supposed to be for a period of5 years, two of Dick’s last three predecessors were ousted early.

So, Cressida Dick not only becomes only the 2nd in 4 Commissioners to actually serve out their term, she actually surpasses the term for which she was appointed. Quite remarkable in itself.

3. ‘Pulling Up Stumps’ Is Not What Cress Is About!

The Police Commissioner, known as ‘Cress’ by some, has an interesting sporting history.

It is no surprise to learn that the Commissioner would not be ‘pulling up stumps’ early when you learn that her sporting CV includes time playing as a Cricket Wicketkeeper at Balliol. Cressida Dick was no fleeting stumper either, as she apparently still follows the game, and also retains an interest in maintaining fitness as a keen walker, according to the Guardian.

A New Contract For Cressida Dick..But Not A New Era

The appointment of Cressida Dick was groundbreaking in 2017, when the currently 60 year old Commissioner was appointed. It is fair to say that this has not always been a tenure that has been well received by all.

However, her service, whilst initially a step forwards in terms of establishing new standards for rights, now has become an exercise in stability. The appointment of a woman to this senior role is no longer considered a progressive move, rather it becomes an extension in the stability of a society that has undergone remarkable upheavals in recent times.

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