Michael Carrick says he is leaving Manchester United after the finish of his spell as the temporary manager.

Carrick, who led the team for three matches, made his announcement after United’s 3-2 success over Arsenal on Thursday.

Gratitude for the 12 year player, and caretaker manager was flowing thick and fast from both sides. Here is the Twitter announcement from United:

Michael Carrick Leaves United - 3 Possible Benefits

Carrick, in turn, had this to say:

“After a lot of thought and deliberation, I have decided that now is the right time for me to leave..It wasn’t easy telling the players,” he added. “In some ways you feel like you’re leaving them in the lurch but sometimes you have to do what’s right…I’ve loved working with them – they are a terrific group of players.”


So, quite clearly this decision is founded on a bed of mutual admiration from both Carrick and Manchester United. And, what better way to go out than with a home win against long time combatants Arsenal FC?

With that in mind, what 3 consequences..or benefits, could arise from the decision by Carrick to leave the club? Let’s have a look!

Stepping Stone To Greater Managerial Success?

It was clear that the caretaker appointment of Carrick would not be the fairytale situation that Solskjaer enjoyed, being appointed permanently.

The club made it clear that Carrick’s appointment was not a ‘look and see’ type. Rather, it was just a stop gap measure whilst a more high profile figure was secured. However, that doesn’t mean that it was a waste of Carrick’s time. Far from it!

Overseeing 3 matches and being unbeaten will surely help Michael should he want to get a permanent managerial position. Whilst we think it will likely be more of a Championship appointment at first, the unbeaten spell with United will open a lot of doors.

Clearing A Path For Rangnick

The ‘heavyweight’ who will take over from Carrick is Ralf Rangnick.

One of the main strengths of Rangnick is his organisational abilities. As such, it is likely that Rangnick will have already planned who will assist him in this massive appointment. Had Carrick stayed on, Rangnick may have felt obligated to change his plans to include Carrick, in order to not rock the supporter based boat excessively.

Now that Carrick has left the club, Rangnick will be able to assume greater control, ensuring that he has the control necessary to right the United ship.

A New Leaf…

One of the great setbacks that managers have had in recent times at United has been…unfortunately..being preceded by Sir Alex Ferguson.

Ferguson will live in the minds of United fans forever and with good reason. No one has brought more glory to the club than Sir Alex. However, in that strength lies great weakness. Everyone wants those glory times to be restored, and the appointments of Solskjaer and Carrick are nods to the past.

The problem with this is that when fans are reminded of Ferguson, through the appointment of those who played with or under him, it is expected that they will simply continue his legacy. That is a massive burden for any manager to bear.

Solskjaer couldn’t replicate Ferguson, and neither can Carrick. As former Ferguson players it was hard for them to establish their own identity and philosophy.

For United to build a successful future, instead of a continuation of the past…complete ties must be broken. Yes, Sir Alex will live on in United history, but it is time to cut the umbilical cord and move on.

Having Rangnick and HIS team in place..a team that will likely not be heavy on Ferguson memories, will finally enable United to move on..and set new goals, tactics, and vision.

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