David Moyes has revealed that he wants to see West Ham spend Daniel Kretinsky’s money on improvements at the training ground.

Speaking in his pre-match press conference before the Irons play Wolves, the Scotsman revealed that he was delighted to have the new investment and that he has met Kretinsky [Evening Standard].

However, it seems pretty clear that he wants to see Rush Green improved in some way.

He said: “I hope the investment we’re able to use wisely and well.

“The club spent a fortune a few years ago, and it didn’t go right. There has got to be a way to think how is it best to do this, maybe invest in other things that are more important.

“New seats in the stadium and bigger crowds, maybe new things at the training ground. I don’t know where the new investment will exactly come from, but it is always too easy just to say it will be for players; maybe in the future it will be, but we’ve got to watch that we don’t go daft and do something we regret.”

A clear message from Moyes.

It is pretty clear that Moyes wants to see this new money invested wisely and maybe not just on players.

The Hammerstraining ground is one of the oldest and least developed in the Premier League, so it would be good to see them spend some money on that.

In truth, the squad that Moyes has at his disposal is very good, and they could maybe do with the odd player here or there, and the idea of spending the money on infrastructure seems very sensible.

Moyes has rarely said anything wrong since he was handed the chance to manage West Ham again, and this is another sensible suggestion.

Also, if they improve the training ground, they will be able to attract bigger and better players in the future as players want the best facilities available to them.

So, it will be interesting to see what happens, but things look good for the Irons, and Moyes has a good idea of how he wants to see the money spent.

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