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David Moyes has for a ‘cup final’ approach for each West Ham game for this season.


West Ham have so much to play for this season – with the exception of the EFL Cup – so, any loss from here on could damage their chances of a successful all-round season.

Despite not being able to strengthen necessary areas in the recently concluded transfer window, Moyes is cultivating an atmosphere of hope for Hammers fans by branding the rest of the season as  ‘really exciting’.

David Moyes told the official website:


“I see nearly every game being a Cup final…I hope we’re in a Cup final somewhere along the road, but I really do think that we’ve got nearly every game now will be a Cup final because it’s either meaning we’re challenging for places in Europe or we’re trying to get through in the FA Cup or trying to get through in the Europa League….So, I see the second half of the season being really exciting for us….I’m hoping that the players can get right back to their top form. Obviously, we’ve just recently got Cressy and Kurt back, which has given us a boost as well…We’ve got Saïd back from the African Nations as well, so we’re very close to full tilt at the moment and Angelo is the only one who we’re really missing. So hopefully we can keep them all fit and keep them in good form.”


Strike While The Irons Hot….


Whilst West Ham fans had their hopes crushed in seeing the squad not strengthened, it was probably much worse seeing efforts to secure ‘panic buys’ just before the close, in the form of three record bids for players being lodged. Hammers fans will hope that the ‘panic’ is not an indication of the manager’s belief in the squad. With that in mind, Moyes’ comments are aimed to reassure those nerves.

Strengthening the squad remains, and rightly so, a top priority. As such, West Ham must ensure that the summer transfer window is much more productive..if the Hammers are to achieve the kind of potential that club and fans alike both demand.

Despite this, there is still a good squad here..a squad that demands, and deserves, the full support of club and fans. The disappointment of the transfer window inactivity needs to be put in the past, and the focus must now be on the many targets that the Hammers have left to play for this season.

With top four still possible, a run in the Europa League still underway, and the historic and important FA Cup still in Hammers’ sights, times are genuinely ‘really exciting’, and West Ham fans should adopt the same outlook, and get behind the team….




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